Can you keep a secret by Sophie Kinsella |Book Review

i just finished reading this book ROMCOM is my genre for the week, and im thrilled to share the book to you.

do you have secrets? because i do have, it’s literally not the type that i would most likely be ashamed to tell anybody. but its not necessary to a person to just babble when they’re afraid.
the book was a blast that it truly made me feel a bit excited.


Endless Love |Movie Review

“Our love is strong, it never dies, it never fades, it never loses its electricity…”
it’s about Love, a love never you never knew existed in Real World and I just can’t believe that it does.
Since it’s summer I Organized to watch this movie since I thought it would be better to be tucked into your bed with your laptop on.
If your seeking to watch a movie but don’t know what kind of movie yet, well I would highly recommend this to you.
The story was really a great one and I wonder if it’s a novel or what because if it is then probably I would surely be grateful to read and have a review about it.

The Reaction: (you can’t read this part if you haven’t watched it yet)

The Father was really overprotective which pisses me a lot more as I go through the story. Why is he so very manipulative though he even have his own mistakes. He cheats, he lies and he is selfish, he never knows how to Love. I really feel pity towards the Mother because she exactly knows her daughters feelings, which is really what exactly mom’s should be (My Mom is like that, she’s like an oracle or something). Everyone was really trapped by their past. David has his own past and was feel ashamed to talk about it, his dad can’t get out of his past and got stuck when his Son Christopher died of cancer. God, when david walked away, I thought he would drop the Love just like that, if jade didn’t got into an accident he would never catch her. Seriously, it was so pathetic. And it was really awkward when jade and david’s fathers finally met each other, it’s so awkward that I feel like im part of the cast, you know that feeling when you watch a movie and you feel exactly how it should supposed to be felt, Gawwd, this is what I like about movies.

Anyways, all in all, im telling you this movie is great that I already watched it for the 2nd time already since I watched it during the Holy Friday with my cousins but I haven’t understand a thing so I have to repeat it again. Gawwd! The Movie rocks that I really can’t talk more about it. :D

as I re-watch the trailer I have noticed that there are some scenes that has been cut on the exact movie, Gawwd, how could they do such a thing. :|


Question Tag Game! (with Pictures) |Admin

it’s been quite a while since i blogged and i felt very sorry for that. as a promise i told you im going to have a tag game for this easter season. :)

^Where were you 3 hours ago?


BATHROOM. i was there 3 hours ago. ofcourse you know what im doing there i dont have to enumerate. LoL.





^What color is your toothbrush?


i seriously have to take a picture of my toothbrush. its color is orange and white, and its colgate 360. i soo love it because it cleans my teeth though i have my braces on.


^Can you Drive?


absolutely yes. i can drive a car. this is a picture of me while driving during my holy week vacation which i will talk a lot later on. i seriously just have to took several driving lessons both in Manual and Automatic. it was way too cool to drive and i enjoyed it a lot.


^what are your addictions?



BOOKS. everyone knows im addicted to this. i read books everytime i go to sleep, i begin to look at it like my Drug. it’s my relaxation, my escape, my forever love.


^what is your Zodiac Sign?


CANCER. my zodiac sign is cancer. i just live with it, but believe me guys i don’t read my horoscopes that much like everyday. i dont care what others try to write about zodiac signs but i seriously don’t believe in single word they write about, no offense to those who really like reading horoscopes, this is just my opinion. 


^Something you Miss



BONDING WITH COUSINS/FAMILY. we used to have this Nightime routine that we have to go out in every occasion and have karaoke and get lost in the road, and have fun, do night outs etc. all those things i miss a lot! this is just a picture of me and my few cousins, we were having karaoke and that’s i think 11:00 pm, and that’s monday, we still have classes the next day. LoL. that’s escape.


^What State or Part of the World do you live in?



^Favorite Quote


THIS! she is marilyn monroe, i think i wrote a blog about her and how much i idolize her because she remains in the heart of people this much. i never knew what kind of world she does lived in before but i knew she grew up in so much experience which made her to be Bold and ThIck.


^Somewhere you would like to visit


PARIS. i am dying to go here! in this exact place and witness the beauty of the Eiffel Tower. 


^Something Your Excited for.


i was a bit excited of what will happen this coming May, because me and my whole family will finally migrate in Canada. the immigration approved our papers and the Visa will expire on June 1st, so we have to get our asses in Canada before the said date. im kind of excited though we don’t have the Plane Tickets yet, but that thing is for sure. Gawwwd, i just can’t wait to get there and for my Followers who are in canada, see you there!


^Favorite Band


IMAGINE DRAGONS. this question is quite a bit easy for me since i’ve been listening to Imagine Dragons a lot lately. i love their music because you can see in their every performance the essence of music, their love for music and their passion. for me they are worth the effort. :D


^Favorite Persons


i’ve been showing off this picture a lot because this is the only picture i have on my Phone with my Big Fam. i miss them a lot, and i know were going to see each other for the next 3 weeks, i just love that feeling.


-so that’s it for my question tag game. you can do this too it’s really fun to answer all the questions. 




Let’s Celebrate the Easter Season with happiness in our hearts and full of acceptance and forgiveness. now people, are you ready for some egg hunting? huh?



just wanna let you guys know that i just got back from a vacation for the Holy Week, and i was likely gonna share some photos with you guys about how my Vacation went and spent. :D

Getting ready for Vacation by CheckInTheMirror |Youtube

so this is Rachel talbott’s packing version this is for the cool moms out there who is spending their weeks on vacation since the holy week is coming through. im going on a vacation tomorrow it’s a 2-3-day vacation. it’s really funny because im going to do a lot of VLogs this time and make sure you guys are checking out.


Pacquiao Brought home the Belt


its not too late for the Philippines to have the thrown omce again. yey! Team Pacquiao all the way! Pacquiao won again,bringing home the Bacon and making hundreds of thousands of Filipinos supporting him.
he never fails tonamuse millionsnof people that’s why Manny is considered one of the most popular Boxer on his generation. after losing 2 fights before, almost made us Filipinos feel like wanting manny to retire, of all the money and strength he had, he brought enough pride for the country, enough for him to have some rest, but he didn’t instead he continued fighting and just proving the Filipino Spirit.
Big Thanks to Jessica Sanchez who sang the Filipino anthem, who was also criticized by the way she sang it. too mich powerful and too mucb Slang words. but we can’t blame her since she grew up in states and not used in Tagalog Words/Filipino words its enough that she have pronounced it well. Jessica, wherever you are, you’ve made us proud either. hahahaha.

Fight for the win!!

Blackberry updates new OS


as I open my Blackberry Playbook this morning to check any news on my mail and also to see if there are any new apps to be updated, I found out that they Launches their OS version. it was really fast since I was in hurry also. anyways, I think there is no changes happened only that another memory has been lessen on my Playbook which is sad but its not bothering me at all. I expect to see something great on my BB store but then again nothing changes.

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