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I Customized my Blog site! After 2 weeks of almost deserting-like my Blog I realized that doing this kind of things is actually what I wanted and I just can’t leave like that despite of my Work Schedules and Study Schedules because I have people/followers/friends who are actually waiting for my next blog. I might be annoying to some others, or I might sound non sense but actually I don’t care, it’s your opinion, it doesn’t matter to me, we have our own perspectives in life so whatever matters to you is totally fine with me.

Anyways, I am here again to let you know that I changed my Template, because you might think that you were lost or you clicked the wrong link but I actually changed it, but I have the same Site name, the same topics, like movie reviews and book reviews and food experimentations, meals for the fittest, and the most of all, the love of my life that I decided to share with you guys is Doing Make Up. I haven’t decided any Titles on that Blog Episode but actually I am thinking of that now which im very excited about. and im counting my days to Christmas because this is the very first winter Christmas i’ll ever have, follow myTwitter Account for more exciting conversations! i’d love to talk to you. and also I am thinking of doing the Cosmopolitan Question Challenge which I usually do here before but I kindly paused or temporarily stopped doing because I have to work on my schedules and the lazy days just keeps on coming so is just wanted to organize my time here.


here’s a little peek of our Christmas tree, im just so excited to open my gifts, don’t worry, i’ll show everything, and you’llct big from Teenhabitat! :)


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Face Makeup Care for Winter


I just don’t wanna be selfish so i just wanted to share to you guys the things that i usually put on my face, or the kind of make up that i use for healthy skin during Winter time.

We all know that winter time is like a Big-No for our skin Ladies. it makes mine so dry and very chappy especially my lips, so in this blog, im gonna show you how i try to take care of my skin, make it look hydrated and not so dry.


Just a little overview of what im going to tackle for today. i bought this things at the Drugstore so nothing special about how i got this, i just try to stick with whats near with me because it’s more convenient.


If you read my last Blog about SKin Care essentials, obviously, you’ll know that i use this a lot. but actually this is the 2nd bottle since the last blog, so it was really good and i like how the microbeads does to my skin i feel like it peels every dry skin and renews it. i just feel so comfortable with this Aveeno Skin Brightening daily scrub. :)


i am so excited to talk about this product because actually this is not like the ordinary or the normal CC creams we use. it is something special because aside from its Neutrogena, it is actually gives your skin more complexion, unlike with some other foundations that i use it makes my skin really look even but i feel dry and numb all day. i have the Light to Medium Color. right now, i am trying to use dermatologist recommended because i do believe that Winter time is like the hardest time to keep your skin look healthy and glowy.


This is the Ready Set Gorgeous by Covergirl. this actually dermatologist recommended too, if you only read the back part of the package. it is actually a concealer but the effects in your skin looks like a foundation. it is kind of rough at first but as soon as you had it for like 5 hours, you’ll actually never notice or feel it. it is very lightweight and it really is Gorgeous.


This is actually has nothing to do with my Skin Care for winter, but it’s in the Overview so i think i might as well talk about it too. It is a Sally Hansen Flfirty eyelash Curler. it makes your eyelash more fancier and look so open. Sally Hansen products is a must-haves because they do know how to take care ladies’ fashion preps, and  they have “how-to” if you read in the back of the package.

As you can see now guys, im really so into something that is scientifically approved or is more recommended than any other brands, and also it is important to read the back and the front of the packages because its like getting to know more of your investment, it is something that you apply in your face and you don’t wanna get wrong right?

Christmas is almost coming too, so get tuned with my next Blog about “Classy Look” and More Movies and Book Reviews to come. :D

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Before i go to Sleep | Story Revelation


Yey! and the Book Review Starts today! and the First thing that i just finished reading in two weeks time is “Before i go to Sleep” it was really a good book, which emphasizes the true spirit of marriage, trust and love.

I love how the author gave meaning and value to Psychology though. it just made the readers realize how passionate or how they should be aware about the memory or whatever is wrong and/or right about our brain. But the True Essence of this book is just to give thrill and knowledge to the readers, it is something that will blown up your mind, just keep you reading it. Actually, this is like one of the books which gives thrills, goosebumps every single night i read it.

i thought at first, there is something Psycho going on in the story which i liked because it relates whatever i learned from my Psychology major, but anwyays, the book was just about being honest and truthful to your partner. Giving up is not obviously a solution but a start to another problem, which made sense to me because giving up is almost like running away.

i just can’t get enough of this book, i just feel like reading it again, but it sucks how it feels like when you already know the ending. anyways, i’ve watched the trailer right after i finished reading this one, and i was pretty amazed of it, i just can’t wait for it to show in the town.

As usual, i would always recommend reading the book first before watching the trailer because it gives you idea what to expect and what Not to expect. this is crazy but im just so inlove with this book.

So far, More Book Reviews to do and since the book that i ordered from amazon were 5 days delayed or more i guess i should stick with the drugstore books, but i promise i’ll give you the best shot guys. ofcourse i wont let you down!


More fun and excitement on my “journey to Losing Weight” episodes. so check it out from time to time if you have the spare time guys. i give healthy bonuses in their and by that i mean healthy advices and suggestions and routines that i do everyday :)

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Winter Skin Care|by Clarisse Gallardo


This is the kind of weather where our skin gets dry, our face feels a bit frisky and freezy. Winter is coming up, what can we do?

Yes girls! keep your hands up for Winter, never back up because im going to share to you my skin care essentials during winter this year. This is not and Advertisement of any of this products and/or Company, im just showing you the things and the rituals i do so i hope you’d get something interesting from it.


AVEENO SKIN BRIGHTENING DAILY SCRUB. thats what i use daily like every night and day. it has this tiny beads which makes my skin feels clear and hydrant. i just so love it especially during this days where your skin is just warming up for winter time.


To make sure your skin face is in good condition, or whatever, there is two astringents that  I use, first is Clean and Clear essentials deep cleaning astringent. it is medicated and Oil Free, so whatever make up i use everyday my face is not that oily and i proved it already. i don’t really put a lot of it because its strong and it might be too much for my skin already coz our face has the most sensitive skin ever.


the second one that i use is Nivea Gentle Toner. i like this one because aside from its pink, but because its really gentle that you actually feel like you did nothing to your face, i don’t recommend this one, if you’re purpose is to exfoliate and pimple-free skin. This is just a gentle toner, for dry skin and sensitive skin. And i don’t know if the rumors that are spreading is true but i heard that Nivea contains a lot of Almonds, so i don’t like almonds actually i don’t believe in the power of almonds so i switched to clean and clear, but i like this nivea one, believe me it does work, but i needed something strong.


and for Cream, im so inlove with this one, it’s Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. it’s Hydratant and helps prevent pimple. im the kind of person who doesn’t have that pimples on my face they usually pop up on my back or on the back of my neck so i don’t need my cream to be that harsh it should be something smoother or gentle. as you can see i normally use the brand Clean and Clear, because its medicated already and they’re usually oil free which is a big Yes to my face because i literally wear make up every single day.


and for the last ritual i have. for my over-all body, who does want their lovely arms, hands and toes to get dry on winter time,? NO ONE. so i recommend this Aveeno Active Naturals. it is Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion and ofcourse it is hydrant and it helps calm and relax my skin for 24 hours which is awesome coz i usually spend almost 80% of my day outdoor so i seriously needed this Lotion. it’s actually gentle, like i don’t need to go for strong lotions or the scented ones because sometimes the scented lotions actually doesn’t work, you buy them just because of the smell. so i needed something natural and something medicated already.

So that’s it for my Skin care solutions for Winter Time, i hope you guys would love this Blog and im hoping i did help you in some other way. i just wanted to apologize for not posting my blog ideas for quite awhile because i’ve been busy with my work and also im going back to school, thats why. i actually miss doing movie review and book review so im thinking of doing that again.


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H&M Haul… Discovering Things


So before i show to you the things i bought during my edmonton trip, i just wanna tell you guys that it was my first time to go there. This Bag is Actually big, that it’s on my knee-level already and my cousin helped me to pick up some of the things that i bought, she’s really has a good taste and i had fun. and i just wanted to apologize for the Photo Quality, i took it out of excitement to show you how much i love the things i bought, so… here we go :D


This jacket is actually knee-level, it’s pretty long and i like it and it’s warm :D the sleeves is actually leathery but its pretty thick inside it’s not the usual leather thingy you wear it pretty warms you up during winter time. IMG_0175

and let’s get a closer look. the zipper is actually double, and there are buttons too, and the hoody is Fur, im liking the Furs now. but the thing that i don’t like about it is that its pretty bulky look, But you’ll feel warm, thats the thing abot jackets anwyays :)


i am totally inlove with this leather jacket. i don’t know why but i got this thingy about leathers right now, hahahaha. it’s actually belly-button level and what i like about this is that you don’t have to button it completely, it’s just like a fashion perfect trend which i like about it. Shirt and Flanel might do but i think wearing with just Bra is much more better! JUST KIDDING! i like the look of this its kindda rebel and fancy looking jacket. :D


Three-Fourth Top is so hippy! i just love it coz it’s kindda biggy style, it’s actually flowery it’s not printed and i just so love it :D it’s pink, and the sleeves are not actually folded, i just folded them up coz it’s pretty long to me, and i actually chose the bigger size coz i feel like a bit hippy in this time of year if i wear bigger sized top :)


This top is such a killer! i fell in love the first time i laid my eyes on it. The Old Rose print really made me feel like “im gonna buy you no matter what”. and it’s not see through actually.


and this is me wearing it right after the Church Mass. just don’t mind my Haggard Face, i didn’t wear make up on that day :D hahaha. anyways, it’s really Cozy.


this tshirt killed me. it’s really simple but still classy. and its polka dots and i really like it. it’s good with big necklaces and fancy gold earings, it’s actually good when your going to work and you feel lazy thinking of what to wear coz i actually did it before and im the kind of person who always feel lazy to open my closet coz im running late :)


and this top looks so lovely!! im so inlove with it that i just wanted to wear it every single day! it’s actually the best shirt, coz i actually love wearing checkered long sleeved top now. and ofcourse its a bigger size coz this is a good weather for big sized shirts.


and thats me wearing it :) i just wanted you to see it. i wore it with knee-level boots and i curled my hair wavy.


so thats it for my H&M Haul, edmonton edition! hahaha :D it’s my first time to do this actually, and im pretty late like 2-weeks late already and im sorry coz i know i promised this to you right before i left. but anyways, stay tune for my American Eagle Haul :)

Have Fun Guys. enjoy your Weekend

About Being 19 (Personal Perspective)


I am 19. and yes i admit it that there are few things changed in my life since the day i stepped into the world of Adulthood. I can’t just change whatever that happens because seriously, i had nothing to do with it. But anyways, lets do the talking!

BAD THINGS: (i seriously doesn’t like being adulthood or you might too.)

1.) When you go to the movies and you were like “1 adult ticket please”. This Bothers me a lot, it sounds a little bit overacting but i just don’t like it, i always like being so young and productive and obviously, 19 is the first step to 40.

2.) The Discounts! sometimes, you just can’t avail anything for free now because they say you’re an adult. and holy cow! i just don’t like it. i mean who does like paying too much if you can get it for free hey?

3.)when you’re mom scolds at you “You’re old enough to do that and do this…” , “You’re 19 and you’re too lazzyyy…” and i was like “ok mom, just stop reminding me that im old enough to do shits. come on!

4.) when you can’t do SPooky holloween stuffs or you can’t join any organizations things of grade schools coz you’re freaking 19. and i feel like im so left alone. lol

5.) when you’re friends were most likely 17, 16, or 18 and they are kind of matured than you. so that’s the time i feel so left out. like seriously, this life is so unfair.


1.) when you’re parents finally gives you your own credit card but you have to pay for your own money. i don’t exactly know if i should be proud, happy or sad about this, its kindda mixed emotions guys.

2.) you can finally be arrested! you can now feel the ” Finally, everything is for free” coz theres bed and food and extra sleep everytime when you’re in jail. hahaha

3.) The Smoke. literally, you are now allowed to smoke, although i really don’t smoke because its bad for my health and to everybodys health and i can’t afford to put my organs in their own risk., lol!

So far, this are the things i usually see  and hear 19-year-olds complain and thankful about. haha, although in general being 19 is full of fun, its the last number that has “TEEN” in the end so just be thankful and make sure you got the best of it. it’s just like something you should be greatful coz atleast you’re not 40 yet. hahah

Anyways, im just really sorry for my long time absence, im just busy and everything that i lose track of my blog but don’t worry i prepared so many topics while im out, and i’ll be at Edmonton, Canada this coming Friday for the long weekend (Thanksgiving Day) and you guys watch out coz its going to be fun coz im going to blog each and every day i do :) don’t yeah worry :p

What to do during Autumn Days!

thumbAutumn days just touched down and Holy winter is almost coming right up and the only question we got in mind is what are the things we should do during this days.

Well, first of all, nobody likes Winter, except for those people who are inlove, but for people who have no one to cuddle with aside from themselves, Winter is Freaking Not so Great. Autumn, who cares about winter if there is autumn hey? This is like one of the best season where you can enjoy life, living the “Californian-Style” with all the things you wanna do in bed (unless you’re a student, you gotta get up early). Everything is easy and falling down in its own place, but what are the things we should do to make our Autumn Season memorable??


PRANK #1 (Everybody can do this. Holy! just imagine how pissed that stranger is if he finds out he can’t even get any closer to his own car. haha)


PRANK #2 ( So whoever did this way back in 1976 is totally COOL! hahaha. Nobody does this, probably he spent his lifetime in jail eh? but spending you’re time in jail because you did this shit is like having a lifetime coolness deep inside.)


PRANK #3 (I never did this before but i wanted to try it. hahaha. this must be really awesome that people might think that it is real. just imagine a woman really in fast track that she didn’t even realize she’s almost down into heaven, like WTF?! hahaha)

Those things are more about pranks, just giving the fun ones some ideas on how to spend there Autumn more nice :)

But, if you’re a kind of person who thinks of having a peace of mind and relaxing kind of weekend during Autumn season, for sure i have tips and ideas for you :)


READ A BOOK. everybody knows how relaxing it is to read a book during peace and quiet times, reading it on the Balcony and just enjoying the weather and the story. I suggest you should read the book “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn, it’s a very unraveling kind of story, so much mystery packed novel i am enjoying reading it, im actually reading it at the moment.


A CUP OF TEA. Nothing more enjoyable than reading a book with a tea beside you. i don’t usually like drinking tea while reading because i ended up concentrating to my tea rather than the story, but there are some times that the story interests me that i don’t mind tea on my side. We all know Tea is the best during this season and is good also if it’s green tea :D


JOYRIDE LIVING. Take a ride and Go Away with some friends, or if you wanted to be better off alone. it’s nice to have your mind set before the weekend or before the season ends, just make sure you do this before the winter season comes in, coz doing joyrides doing winter is a Big-No-No. :D


FRIENDS-OUT. make sure that your Friendship-Relationship with your friends doesn’t go wrong. Hang out with them every once in a while, but hey, i know you hang out with them everyday at school. but rather change your environment once in a while.

What else? That’s it for today’s Blog Entry!

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Hot-Butt Kisses everybody!