Face Without Make Up Exposed (Everyday Make up Blog)


The Face of a Not-So-Perfect Girl is Exposed. :D yes, this is me, my face, when im not wearing make up and only cleansed my face and showered. 

But today, aside from Exposing my Face without Make up, I will also reveal my Make up Powers and make up Wands and Magics :D (Honestly, im just trying to make it sound Cool, but its not haha)



So this are the Products i Used. i will introduce to you each one of them, so yeahh, Lets Get Started! (Just don’t mind the Background, just the Products)


This is the Revlon Photoready Foundation in Natural Shade, just Bought a couple of days before and im amazed by the way it works. 

unnamed (1)

Apply it on your face, just like a Normal girl does. haha. You exactly know what i mean by that,


Next is Shawill Matte Concealer, i bought it way back in the Philippines, and im not sure if it’s available International, but i know it is available in Asian Countries. I use this product for several months now and it was really great since it has Matte. 

unnamed (2)

and apply it again on your face, the part where you have dark circles and some blemishes that you want to be concealed, and ofcourse spread it out with the use of your magic fingers, haha, :D

unnamed (3)

and voila! here i am, with Foundation and Concealer on ma face! :D


It will never be complete guys without Press Powder. So, i have here Pretty Simple on Beige Shade, this Product is Available Only in the Philippines, so yeahh, i need to discover some new make up products just before this one is empty! hahaha.

unnamed (4)

apply it on your Face, like you own the world! Just Kidding. i like this Routine because aside from i use it everyday, it also completes the Natural look i wanted for my everyday errands.


ofcourse, we can’t get out of the house with out stunning, blinky EyeLashes, so for that, i use, Maybelline’s Big Eyes mascarra for Upper Eyelashes and Lower Eyelashes. the best about this product is it makes my eyes look a lot Bigger and Bold, so dark and Natural.


and yes, im a Fan of Maybelline, so for my cheeks i use their product Cheeky Glow Blush Studio edition, it doesn’t have a name on it, so, it’s kind of brown and a combination a little bit of reddish, so it does look perfect.

 unnamed (6)


Yeah! so that’s me Enjoying every Bits of it. hahaha, Just excuse my Epic Face! :D


and for my Lips, i have this Clinique on 33 Raspberry Glace shade. it’s like brighter pink and it’s glossy, i love it, really. 

unnamed (7)

Another Me, enjoying the color of my Lipstick, just so perfect, it retains on my lips for like 12 hours, and it just felt really nice.it doesn’t feel like Heavy.

unnamed (8)

And Yeah! this is the final Blast! haha, Just Kidding, this is now my final look, just having a picture beside my Bed with the “Dream” Signage on it i found at the Drugstore.

unnamed (10)

and another look of me, just like i tell you, im not really good in doing make up, as you can see i don’t put eye shadow, though i have one, and eyeliners because i wanted to look natural today! :D

so this is hashtag Awesomeness!



this is not a Product Endorsement. i bought some of this products and some are gifts. nor, this is just for fun blogging purposes. :D 

Further Conversation, Requests, Suggestions, and Objections, you can comment down below, or email me at teenhabitat95@gmail.com




James Patterson and John Green’s Love Stories.



James Patterson, we all knew him for being the most Choice for writing Crime Scene Novels where in fact made him one the most best selling novel tellers of all time. 

i never use to read a James Patterson Book, because as you can see, i never like reading crimes and everything, it just confuses me a lot, and i’ve got a bunch of questions that i can’t seriously talk about. but then, when i saw about this book online, it just made this interest inside me, since i like love stories rather than crime scenes, heard a lot of praises about this book and also read some Good comments so i tried.

The book was very eye catchy, first reason why is because of the Picture Cover, if you’re a normal person, who can never get distracted when they saw this one, right? Lovers Kissing on the beach, thats the craziest and romantic thing ever. and also, the Fact that the story was, really good, it’s not just so romantic or just about love, because sometimes, too much love scenes is Boring, it’s like both of them in a fun and epic adventure.

now here is the best part, the last part, or the last place they ever gone to. there’s a lot of secrets been said there, a lot of feelings were able to reconnect, and the family was able to get back together just before scalawag was able to leave. i didn’t really expect would happen just like that, although i expect they would end up together, but that’s much boring, but i don’t know, maybe James will think anything, but this ending was really one of a kind. i don’t know what made it special about other endings but this book made a lot of chills inside me, i even got butterflies all over my stomach and the fact that i read it just for 2 nights made me think the interest i had on this book  that i even read it Faster than The Fault in our Stars (which takes me 4 days to finish).


it’s not that i compare but this book has a little bit of similarities to John Green’s ‘Papertown’ it was actually a great book too, it’s just that i never finished reading it because there’s too much Mystery on that book it just never boost up the interest in me. The adventure, the Feeling and the Story is kind of the same but in a different plot.

But you guys, might have your ow reviews to this two books, the Paper town and First Love, Please, let me know about it, so i could also join the conversation :) and also if you have any questions, suggest and/or Objections(yes! i accept that, haha) Please, Let me know by sending me an email @ Teenhabitat95@gmail.com

Don’t forget to check my Other Blog, it was fun and i talked also about being feeling ‘Alone Forever’, thinks it might give you some advices and etc. :D 


large (5)


Do you feel like you were bound to be alone forever?? Well, im Glad to let you Know that you are Not Alone! :D

It is Summer of 2014 now, Still going to the beach alone, if not, well probably with the Family, which is not what you want to happen forever, And you’re not getting any younger eventually, so what happens is that you think you might be forever alone.


Will this be remain a Fact or Not? there are some things that you might consider some reasons you might be living alone forever, one of them is…

“Not having a Boyfriend since Birth” -Naturally, this situation nowadays is like ‘are you kidding me? even 12 years old now has a boyfriend, asshole’ and yes, the sad truth is, you haven’t gotten into any relationships eversince. Its not bad actually, but if you were waiting for the perfect man, seriously, you are running out of time, so better just accept the deal or be alone forever.

“Outside Looks bothers you a lot”- this is a not so natural situation this days, but sometimes there are still some people whose their main Criteria is the Outside looks, whether they have the sexiest burr, got a six pack, and/or had the biggest boobs, not thinking this girl might have undergone several plastic surgeries. That is a fact that you are stupid.

“He doesn’t have the Grandest car either”- some girls have this in their minds everytime they hook up or date with someone who got sexy abs. some girls just forget about the body and think about the money. Yes, they still exist. It  supposed to be forgotten since its just a car, you can always buy a car Somewhere, it shouldn’t supposed to be on the criteria.

“My Parents doesn’t like him, they say he’s weird in their eyes”- that is so Ignorant. your future doesn’t depends on your parents eyes, but on your parents pockets, ok?! Better made up on your own, make a decision, let them know about it, hear some suggestions, but don’t change Much on the main Decision you have made, got it?if he’s the man for you, he”ll always be the man, nobody can change it because you feel something extremely special to him.

So far, this are the things i can think of and things i can say about, Particularly, if you’re thinking why you don’t have a partner right now, its because your prince is probably riding a turtle instead of horse, so yeah, that might be the reason it took for them so long to get there asses on your doorstep, but you know, the right tiime always come as much as the wrong ones does. so don’t worry, You don’t have to overthink problems like this, you will never know.



this is just my observations and no further research made, since im just telling everything that i have observed and learned. :D have a good day guys!

A Not-So-Lovely-Chinese-Couple Story.


It was a breaking news in Media about the Case of Chinese Couple who had undergone Plastic Surgery.

The story is about a Husband who filed a case against her Wife for having 3 ugly Children, just imagine how rude is that to do by a Dad. It was also said in the Article that the Dad won the case and was able to make the Wife pay him Money. Ok, now, what is the real score? Is about the Money or what?

Also the Wife Honestly told the Media that she had undergone Plastic Surgery before that’s why she got this Good Looking Face.

So on the other hand, i have read another article which talks about this Topic, and i have found out that also the Father had Undergone Plastic surgery. I don’t know if its a fact, but if it’s the truth, then he is so rude that he was able to do it in his Family.


The Main thing, is that were not just talking about ourselves, the Father should have think about the Children before he doing wrong things. It may cause the children to have Depression and Trauma which may cause them not to Mingle or Go around with other children because of Lacking of Self Esteem, which is a great No-No in the Children Society.

There is nothing wrong with doing Plastic Surgery but you can’t control Discrimination about it. People that surrounds you like they don’t care, but you’ll never know, right?

The same thing with the father, he’s only thinking of himself, it seems like he criticizes his own half. He doesn’t care what or where this may lead, he only thinks of Now, but doesn’t think of Tomorrow.


Unfortunately, the Case has been Settled so we actually got nothing to do with it but Post our Opinion and be part of sharing the story.

I have read a lot of Articles with regards on this topic and also i watched viral videos of this news and it was all over the media. Let’s just not be too selfish guys, that guy is at stable mind, he’s just the Meanest Person i have ever known.




large (1)


I missed you so much Guys! I missed Blogging since i haven’t blogged more this past few days or weeks, because we moved an Apartment and it was really great, and we have to disconnect and reconnect the Internet connection A.K.A Wifi! 

But now, i am Happy that i am Back with much more things to share, much more things to blog and yes i have prepared a lot for this. Now you’re going to expect more of Movie Reviews, which i will do a lot of changes of it, and Book reviews, which is you can expect more exciting books to offer, share and enjoy with, and Articles that i might share to you and the best part that i know you’ve been wanting this, Meals for the Fittest is totally back! :D Yaass!


large (2)


I am so Grateful and Thankful for you being there reading my Crazy Blogs and not so Perfect Write-Ups, but there is no wrong or right in each persons Views and Opinions, right? just Love the way you Guys keep on supporting me, and Because of this never ending craziness, Im Gonna Follow Back the first 5 Persons who’ll email me at Teenhabitat95@gmail.com.

The Mechanics would be, just Email me with your message about what your Blog is all about so i could give you Comments and Suggestions and Thats it! Perfect! so now it’s not just my Blog who is Improving but yours also. Let me help you in this because were all in this together :D 

large (3)

As i always tell you, i Love you guys from my deepest Nerves to the outside! :D Goodbye now and see yaah on the Next Blog :)





Email: Teenhabitat95@gmail.com

22 Jump Street, why not so real then?



it was an experience of laughing packed with action that i can barely open my eyes because i was teary-eyed already laughing. This movie was so great that i wanted to watch it like more than 5x but if its not the work i probably do it.

You wouldn’t know who;s the dealer of the “cookie” tho. at first you would really see that it is the Football Guys who Solds it to the students but as the story goes on, you’ll see that its only the person who’s usually not around who does it. Ofcourse i wont tell you who it is, because aside from Some haven’t watched it yet, i always wanted to surprise you. 

And the part that i don’t like on that movie is when Tatum suddenly Kissed a Girl. I don’t Like it because Honestly, i Feel Jealous, i almost Slapped my mom who sits beside me. That Girl is so Lucky she gets a free kiss from Channing. awwww. 

I don’t want you to read too much so it’s better to finish them Talking of mine. All in All the movie is worth the watch, its a never ending Movie that they were sent on the medschool, russia, etc. it was Fun. you won’t waste anything watching that movie. :D




Estrada and Revilla’s A Promise to Goodbye

The Republic of the Philippines and The Filipino Citizens holds a very Democratic Dignity which is why probably this Two is in jail right now. they were charge of being a Thief (which is they are but keep on denying), a Liar, and an Hypocrite for being such a selfish Senators. to think that they came from a Family that has the very Popular names, i may not know them well but what they did to Filipinos was far enough that this two deserved to be put behind bars.
it’s not that i judge them because as far as i know, being Honest is different from being Judgemental. Filipinos doesn’t deserve to be fooled by their own Government, this people deserve more than being put behind bars, if they were proven they did this crime and if they were provem that they are with Janet Napoles they deserve to be killed. The Court will sometimes sentence Ordinary People with “Silya Elektrika” because they stole hundred thousand pesos or more than that, so why not give them both the same sentence too? remember, they stole Hundred of Millions too. This is why most people doesn’t believe in Whatever Politicians says, only 10% of what they say came to life, the rest it was like being whispered in the wind.
Were they allowed to have a very well Airconditoned Place? if the supreme court identifies their wishes it was like they were giving a thief some chance to bite their Nails. They said their Families were sacrificing because of the Case they filed towards Estrada and Revilla, and how about millions of people suffering from Poverty because Lani Mercado bought a very prestigious bag? How about making them Starve to Death too, to make them realize how sinful their wrongdoings are. As one of the most very educated Persons of the Country, you should know how to stand up on your own. You can’t blame anyone but yourself anyway. They were having the most fabulous life a simple and ordinary person can never imagine, they didn’t think of the People who voted for them when they were calling for help, they never thought of helping Filipinos anyway, because eversince they stepped on the Government’s Influence they only think of Helping themselves. That’s why Lani Mercado is now a Congresswoman, and how about their Son Jolo Revilla, also a Politician right now who doesn’t even give a Fucking damn Dime!
I wanted their Families to suffer more, more than the Ordinary Filipino Citizens Suffered, i want them to scorge in death, i wanted them to pay for everything they did, i want them to cry for themselves, i want them to cry as they beg because they have nothing to eat.
This is how a Democratic Country should Act and not the way it is right now. The President Aquino Regime walks like a Turtle, there is no word such as Justice this days because Money always leads the way.
I dont want to just shut my Mouth and just watch them cry on TV because they feel pity for their husbands, also i don’t want to see millions of children Crying because there is no food on their plate. This is just my Opinion and wherever it may come, i hope every Filipino can read this. Let this be one of our lessons, Kabataang Pilipino should act by their age, don’t be scared because you were given a mouth to speak not to just sit their and be ignorant. This case isn’t supposed to be Ignored, as long as the Country Lives, the Spirit of Filipinos should also Lift.

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