Shawarma Inspired Meal for the Fittest! #CookBookFittest

So i woke up this morning, had my Water, and the exercise routine i do everyday, but then, i was thinking of Post Workout Meals i could eat tho i only have Beans, Carrots, and Corn in the Fridge. You know that feeling of you wanted to eat something Healthy but you Don’t wanna eat it literally.? Like this if you do. Lol

Yeap, so i had to find a way to make it all work. so then, i did a Food that literally fits my taste. SO im gonna share it to you guys, it’s easy to do and you can easily find it in your fridge 



This is the Finished Product, just giving you an idea of what it will be later on. and just wanting to let you know that i don’t do measurements like using a Measuring Cup coz i don’t have to limit myself from eating food, Lol. 

First thing ofcourse if you’re beans and carrots and corn are freezed you should ofcourse defroze it on your microwave for 3 minutes.  


i bought a pack that was already sliced so that i’ll be hussle free. haha, and thats how lazy i am, so sorry.


So while waiting for the B-C-C to defroze, mind to chopped onions, ooohh i love onions, and by the way they smell, it really is great. and yes, i use white onions, so it’ll have stronger aroma. :D


Heat the Pan, Pour Canola Oil, and if it’s hot enough, Put Onions on it, until it turns Brownish, but in my case, i based it by its Smell.


and then the best thing ever, Put the rice, on it. you can use brown or white or any rice you want, but if you really wanted it to healthier more, i suggest brown, but brown wont make me feel satisfied and we only have white rice at home, so i just use it. haha. just make sure its already cooked, ok? before putting it on the pan.


Just do it like you do fried rice. and now i think our rice is ready, so we’re now going to put Oyster Sauce. Just enough amount to make it look a bit browny. 


OOPPSS! just don’t forget your B-C-C is in the Microwave. hahaha so, when it’s all done now, just put the BCC and mix them all. just mix it like nothing matters in the world but you and this food. :D




now this is my Finished product! How about Yours?? better send it to my email (

i put sunny-side-up egg on top of it and also a carrot dressing! yeah, it looks yummy it even taste yummier!


Add-Ons i used durig the cooking class! hahaha.


For the Oyster Sauce, i used this one, because i saw its Nutrition facts and it’s all 0%. i don’t if it’s really true or im just missing some things, but thanks to this it made my food yummier. Anyways, you can use whatever oyster sauce you want. :)


and this is also what i used. it’s really good in mixing everything else. it was the best, just made everything perfect.



Lastly i used Pasrley, i put on top of fried rice to make it look good! :D



I didn’t put beef on it, because the original shawarma have it, and i don’t like beef that much because it’s hard to digest and got a lot more of fats.

My version also doesn’t have mayonnaise. Anyways i have the egg, coz i have read an article that the best substitute for Mayo is egg, just don’t put salt :D


Well, that’s all that i have to share. You’re concern, suggestion and opinion matters to me, so better email me at or just simply comment below ;)

i hope you did great to your Shawarma. i can assure you it’s one of the best food you can eat after work out :D




Who You are and Be What you are! (Racial Discrimination Issue)

large (2)

Racial Discrimination is just one of the Issues around the globe that has a very strong impact to humanity. 

I just wanted to open or talk about this issue, because i was once a RACIST. Yes, you hear/read it right. I am Very Sorry if i have offended you by that, but i have moved on already, i have understand thoroughly and i have accepted the fact that im wrong. I was once not into “Anti-racism” campaign because i used to Hate Some Indians, well obviously, not all, because there are also Indians i knew who were NIce. My hatred towards them started when i used to going to this Friendly SItes online, and i met some Indians and they’ve been rude to me, asking me some things to do that i don’t really like. It is where it all started. But then, as i meet same race with nice attitude, i realized that i don’t have to generalize the situation or the people with the same race just because the other one had made or was being rude to me. 

large (7)

It’s not just Indians who have the Issue, it also has the Blacks, Asians and Whites. Usually, everybody is in favor of Whites, because they believe that they look great and gorgeous same with Latinos. And usually the Discrimination is under Blacks and Asians. Which is Unfair because we were all the same. its just the Color and the Race who differ, aside from that, we’re just all came from the same place and we’re going to die on the same place too.

In some of the Netizens i have known or i have spoken to, 95% of them are Anti-racism and the remaining 5% is into Racism. Some of them believe that this thing is not really that Big deal to be talk about because everybody is fighting for it anyways, and some believe that racism is a very sensitive issue to be discussed they just chose to shut up.

large (3)

Here’s the thing, i just don’t want to be negative about this. i know i once got into the wrong place and i misunderstood the real thing about this. Maybe because i just don’t want to be judged too, But you know, if you are Hating a Race, it ends up that everybody will Hate you for Hating one Race. you won’t get anything from hating. I have learned that this thing shouldn’t matter, were just people living in a very cruel place, sometimes they will be nice to you but will judge you. 

This issue is very sensitive. Im not offending anybody, im just saying what i think is should be said. Does looks or physical built matter? rather than the attitude?


Email me at


Being Out of the Box (Charice as Herself)


This is Charice Pempengco during the days when she was still into the box and not yet revealed the real her.


This is her now after she was able to get out of her Box and be able to reveal the real part.

This may be the Toughest or the Hardest Blog entry i’ve ever done, since you know that this is not really my thing. But i just wanted to clarify some things, i want my opinion to be heard too. 

When Charice revealed or finally talked about her real side, i am watching her on the TV, days before the revelation, i already saw some photos showing her new hairstyle and the new her. well, it can be photoshoped anyways, thats what i think, but when i watched her on the TV revealing that she’s a Lesbian, i was like ” Wow, who could’ve thought that this girl, turned into world’s apple of the eye is now revealing that she’s a lesbian”.

Ok, so here’s the catch, She was being Judged because she’s a Lesbian which is a Total Non Sense because there’s nothing wrong with it. She knows what she’s doing, she knows what to do, she’s on the right and legal age now, what else do you wanna talk about?? Like, she’s not a criminal eh?



SHE’S HAPPY. everybody that follows her on her IG account knows how happy charice is to be with her Girlfriend. They were young and inlove but not innocent enough to feel fool and feel unstable in love. 

she’s having her REALationship with Alyssa Quijano who is also has the passion in singing. They were both inlove with each other that they already said Forever to each other, i guess :) 


Now, they were both walking to right path. i know they both will always live together happily. They were on the same Passion, what else should you ask for? it’s just so plan right eh. 

Well, as everyone was saying, coming out of your shell is the best feeling ever, because you were able to do things for real and not feeling like you’re just faking everything. the thing is that, charice kept it in herself because she got an Imagine that should be protected. there are millions of people who talks about her and idolizing her so much. 

Just so luckily, she got a girl of her own. :D



Striked by Magic’s! RUDE!

large (1)

OK! This song has the greatest impact ever! The sound and the Lyrics just keeps on playing in my mind, and i don’t care whether it plays all year long.

Were you Enchanted by Magic’s! Rude Single too?? oh well, who doesn’t right??

I decided to talk about this song since i saw a lot of praises and wonderful comments in the social media. like for example, if you go to, and you typed in the search bar “Magic” this guys just appear together with the cover of their album, especially the “Rude” lyrics. 

For example this one…


Amazing how people reacts to this song, the impact of it to people who listens to it. this song just grew up somewhere, made by nobody, and in just one blink everybody cares to listen now. MAGIC!

a lot of people talking about this song because probably there’s a lot of people who can relate to the song. Like for Fathers who were being so uptight to their daughters and for the Boyfriends who were being so determine to have their girlfriends and able to marry her, it’s sweet. For me, it’s something like the best thing a man can do, fight for your love, and brave enough to confront the King. 



ofcourse i’d go to the Famous line “Can i have your daughter for the rest of my life?”. That’s the sweetest and bravest line a guy can tell to a Dad. it is something crazy but something that may touch a girl’s heart. for me it is full of MAGIC! hahaha. 

The another line i like is ” im gonna marry her anywhere”. Won’t you fall to that line? isn’t it the 2nd best Romantic Line a man can ever say?? ok, Im inlove with the song now.

The impact of this song TO ME, more than a Justin Bieber song does. it’s genre is something a teenagers would love to listen to nowadays. 



ok, so i was shuffling some videos on my youtube subscriptions and everything, when i saw COLBIE CAILLAT’s Version of this song! it was totally amazing, im not saying that it is better than the original, duhh, no one beats the original, but it is or it must be the 2nd best. 

and also i guess they have acoustic version of that, i mean LIVE. so if you got a chance, check them out via VEVO. i can’t seriously wait for their album to come out :)


How about you Guys,? whats up with your Rude Music Adventure?

email me at:

Tammy! (The Movie Review)



so i never heard anything about this movie before but i always saw it’s trailer everytime i go to youtube and i didn’t dare to watch it anyways because i thought this are just one of the movies that im not going to like.

So, i was Home alone and feeling bored and  i was like, i wanted to watch a movie, something that is funny and like adventure and also worth the Movie Review for my Blog Entry since i haven’t done any Movie Review for months now. 

and then i went to youtube to see some trailers and then ‘Tammy’ is still top on the List. so i gave it a Go sign and there i Go. i was Amazed by how it goes and by how the story was told.

How she made the decision of being free, away from the town she has been for almost all her life, the town that she keep on coming back, but then without her Grandma she can’t do it eh? 

It is also about Knowing thyself. Being Free is about knowing yourself, you should know where to take place and when. I’m not Saying that you have to be Against everything. im just trying to tell you that Life is about Choices, what you want depends on how much you wanted it. it is something a Person can always have and have not. 


Fruity and Berry Lifestyle, Blend it now.



I saw something on this Fruits that made me buy one and Experiment something.

As you can see, i Sliced the Strawberries into cubes, or the size just enough to Blend it easier. I also put Blueberries and Bananas on it. and Blend them all.


and this is how it looks like after i blend them all. I don’t like chunks of fruits in it, but if you want chunk fruits you can blend them in not that too much speed. i tried it before it was also yummy, but today i decided not to have chunks. 

i also put Skim Milk on it to blend it right, but i don’t put water or ice, it’s just not my thing when it comes to fruit blending. 


This is the Yogurt i used. It’s Silhouette Greek Yogurt it also has flavor, mine, i got blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. and the best thing about this yogurt is that it has 0% of fat so it’s totally healthy and Yummy! :D


and here is the Finished product. :D it has Skim Milk on Top and Almonds to make it more yummy. i don’t have Whip Cream tho it supposed to be on the Plan but since i wasn’t able to buy one, i did this instead.  

it is so Yummy that i can’t resist of doing it again. 


I already tried doing this a week ago. and ever since the first time i tried i did it already for like 4 times now. ever since, i can feel my metabolism moves faster, it makes me feel better and it’s a cleansing too, this is good if your on a strict diet and bored of just eating Berries. it’s better if it comes with Whip Cream and another kind of peanuts. 

and also i have noticed my skin glowed and i just feel energized. we all know all the benefits we can get in this fruits. it’s just so lovely to know that we can do other things than eating it alone,


Email me at

Face Without Make Up Exposed (Everyday Make up Blog)


The Face of a Not-So-Perfect Girl is Exposed. :D yes, this is me, my face, when im not wearing make up and only cleansed my face and showered. 

But today, aside from Exposing my Face without Make up, I will also reveal my Make up Powers and make up Wands and Magics :D (Honestly, im just trying to make it sound Cool, but its not haha)



So this are the Products i Used. i will introduce to you each one of them, so yeahh, Lets Get Started! (Just don’t mind the Background, just the Products)


This is the Revlon Photoready Foundation in Natural Shade, just Bought a couple of days before and im amazed by the way it works. 

unnamed (1)

Apply it on your face, just like a Normal girl does. haha. You exactly know what i mean by that,


Next is Shawill Matte Concealer, i bought it way back in the Philippines, and im not sure if it’s available International, but i know it is available in Asian Countries. I use this product for several months now and it was really great since it has Matte. 

unnamed (2)

and apply it again on your face, the part where you have dark circles and some blemishes that you want to be concealed, and ofcourse spread it out with the use of your magic fingers, haha, :D

unnamed (3)

and voila! here i am, with Foundation and Concealer on ma face! :D


It will never be complete guys without Press Powder. So, i have here Pretty Simple on Beige Shade, this Product is Available Only in the Philippines, so yeahh, i need to discover some new make up products just before this one is empty! hahaha.

unnamed (4)

apply it on your Face, like you own the world! Just Kidding. i like this Routine because aside from i use it everyday, it also completes the Natural look i wanted for my everyday errands.


ofcourse, we can’t get out of the house with out stunning, blinky EyeLashes, so for that, i use, Maybelline’s Big Eyes mascarra for Upper Eyelashes and Lower Eyelashes. the best about this product is it makes my eyes look a lot Bigger and Bold, so dark and Natural.


and yes, im a Fan of Maybelline, so for my cheeks i use their product Cheeky Glow Blush Studio edition, it doesn’t have a name on it, so, it’s kind of brown and a combination a little bit of reddish, so it does look perfect.

 unnamed (6)


Yeah! so that’s me Enjoying every Bits of it. hahaha, Just excuse my Epic Face! :D


and for my Lips, i have this Clinique on 33 Raspberry Glace shade. it’s like brighter pink and it’s glossy, i love it, really. 

unnamed (7)

Another Me, enjoying the color of my Lipstick, just so perfect, it retains on my lips for like 12 hours, and it just felt really doesn’t feel like Heavy.

unnamed (8)

And Yeah! this is the final Blast! haha, Just Kidding, this is now my final look, just having a picture beside my Bed with the “Dream” Signage on it i found at the Drugstore.

unnamed (10)

and another look of me, just like i tell you, im not really good in doing make up, as you can see i don’t put eye shadow, though i have one, and eyeliners because i wanted to look natural today! :D

so this is hashtag Awesomeness!



this is not a Product Endorsement. i bought some of this products and some are gifts. nor, this is just for fun blogging purposes. :D 

Further Conversation, Requests, Suggestions, and Objections, you can comment down below, or email me at




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