Kitchen Confessions |Facebook Madness!


I am seriously disappointed with all of this Facebook drama that is happening! I was trying to upload this video on my Facebook Account and it just keeps on saying that I have copyrights issue! I have never encountered anything of this eversince! I am totally disappointed and Pissed! and when I tried it again on my 5th time, it just said they removed my right to upload videos for now because I keep on crossing off line of their freaking rules, and im like “what the heck! im just tryna upload a video here!” and so damn pissed I think im gonna sleep! :(

Paper Towns Book vs. Movie Review


So! Lets talk about Paper Towns! What is Paper Towns to you? For me, it is something i don’t understand why it exist but it does. I get confuse for some reason i dont know why! But in quentin and margo’s case, it is something they both know too well, thats why quentin was able to find margo, well, with the help of pseudovisions and omnictionary and/or “I Spy” games! Anyways, i am here to talk about the difference between the book and the movie, what are the difference and what did you missed if you didn’t read the book? Im gonna tell you what it is if you keep on reading til the next paragraph.


The story in the book is much more different from the movie, or vice versa in a way that it is depressing, Depressing than the way they kind of changed the story in ‘the fault in our star’. I watched the movie first before reading the book and i would say there are almost a lot of scenes that was in the book but wasn’t in the movie. The beginning and the ending are just the same, but the book doesn’t contain just the front and back cover, it has the middle pages too, and what happened to that? I couldn’t remember seeing it in the movie. Im telling you guys, it’s more fun reading than watching paper towns, or maybe just read, and just don’t watch the movie if you got anxiety and stuff like that.

Well, atleast there are some Lines that was actually used in the movie. Thumbs up!


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The Visit |Movie Review


As the halloween come across this week, here’s a little treat from me to you!

Its been few days now since i watched this movie and i would say this is one of the most epic horror movie ever. Why? Well, 2 reasons:

First, i like how the story ended. The twist made me feel that shiver-like feeling. I liked how the story goes at the very start when you thought it was already the climax but there’s still one more at the very near-end, it’s a mind twisting story!

Second, i love how the characters handled well the story. In a movie, it is always important to show the viewers how much effort you have given to be that character and they played it well.

I think this is the first movie i saw that the 2 psychos are the Grandparents, that is, if im not mistaken. Kudos to the people who is behind the story, the screenplay, producers, the directors, i don’t usually shoutout when it comes to talking about the movie, but this one, i would say is really worth the watch!

You know if its a great movie if i do shoutouts!


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Kitchen Confessions |Midnight Monster


it’s 11:47pm here, close to midnight, but im not sleepy yet! well, I had a little nap at around 7:30 pm til 10, got up to take a bath and have my tea, and then BOOM, can’t go back to sleep! I seriously just wanna roll in my bed and have a dream by now, but my brain just doesn’t cooperate. I think its the tea that made me energized a little bit or is it the short nap? and to add a little twist to what im feeling, guys, I’ve been craving every night few hours after dinner (kind of like a midnight snack) JUNK FOODS! it’s uncontrollable! like, where did this “feeling” came from? I’ve been having that craving feeling since the thanksgiving party. i don’t know, it’s been 3 nights in a row now that I’ve been craving in the middle of the night.

i read an article last night about this sleep apnea, its like a disorder, but im pretty sure it’s not what im having right now, the symptoms doesn’t match any of what im feeling or having, but anyways, on the very last paragraph, it stated there that if you crave few hours after dinner, might as well try to sleep early, but don’t sleep after you eat dinner but few hours after the dinner. well, I’ve been tryin’ to do that but, no such luck for me.

oh well, i just gonna go try my best again guys, since i have work tomorrow and it’s gonna be a busy weekend. i’ll catch you guys later and have a nice day! or have a goodnight too! haha.

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Shopping Haul |Fall Edition


A Promise is a Promise! Since i promised to you on my previous blog that i’ll be showing to you my Latest Shopping haul. As you guys know, shopping is one of my ways in easing stress (it is kind of dramatic to hear, but im really not that stressed) and being inside the shopping malls makes me feel excited, maybe not just me but also some of the girls here! So the last time i had a shopping haul was last year, that’s when i was in edmonton last year for Thanksgiving. But this time, it is really not a huge haul, since i was trying to keep my budget low, coz you gotta save money for future too, right? And guys! Take note, the stuffs i bought only cost me $350 (i don’t have receipt to show you cos i lost it! Im bad in keeping receipts, really!)


So i have this lee rider long sleeve top. I’ve been searching for this one for ages! I have a long sleeve top too, similar to this, but its green. I so love this long sleeve top, especially now that its fall and winter soon. And this is the closer look of the top.



I bought a “to-go cup” too because the other day, i was searching for one for my tea for work, and i found NOTHING! So i was strolling around wallmart and i saw this one, i so love the color, its burgundy-ish and its thermos guys, so it should pretty much stay long! Unless i’ll lost it again.


This is an external hard drive, you can save your files, pictures, videos etc in here so that whatever happens to your computer or if you save files and you dont have that handy USB drive, you can totally just bring this one. It’s super handy too because its slim and super light to carry! Also, its burgundy, loving the color of it! It has 1tb (terabyte) of memory, so i would say this thing can store so much information than my brain could right now.


Us Girls can’t forget this wherever we go! But, compared to my shopping haul last year, i bought lots last year, i was panic buying for some reason i dont know! So as i’ve said i was trying to cut down a little bit lower my budget and just bought the things i REALLY need. So, i need Mascarra, so obviously you only buy from the best ones, so i bought Maybelline. I’ve never used neither of this two before, but i’ve tried the “Push up Drama” yesterday and damn, i wasn’t disappointed! So we should try the mega plush soon, and i’ll tell you how it goes! Moving forward, i bought two lipsticks too! I thinks this are new ones, i dont really know, but as soon as i bought them, i tried ’em and it’s fantastic! You guys need to buy this! Like it is one of your must-haves! So i got two shades the “my-my magenta” and the “plum please”. And also, before i forgot, this two are retractable, and on the other end, it has smudger which i super love the idea! Gawwd! This lipsticks are so smart!


I bought leggings too! As you guys know, i don’t really wear jeans or jogging pants, i wear only one thing, Leggings(i wear jeans too, but not really that much and also i own bunch of them, so don’t think i wear them repeatedly without washing!) i bought 3 colors, blue, black, and ofcourse, color of the year, burgundy!


Books! Ofcourse! I couldn’t really forget that! I bought paper towns and Room which are both Movies now. Im so excited to do a book review of this two as soon as i finish them.


Last but not the least, the shoes! Its a g:21 brand, i’ve been looking for one of this for ages! I was trying to order one from Forever21 but they don’t ship to my place no more, which i dont know why. But anyways, this shoes Rocks! It’s a Lacy kind of shoes so it’s cool and i think you call it “flatform”? Im not so sure, but yeah! Im so excited to wear them! (im so pissed!)

Uhm, to all you guys asking, i used my own money in buying this things, i’ve been buying my own stuffs since i started working, cos you can’t really depend on your parents in like Forever! So if you could, try to be independent guys!


Check out my Kitchen Confessions article about thanksgiving and also stay tune for more blog Posts this week!

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Kitchen Confessions |Thanksgiving Day!


Hey whats up canada and to the whole world?! So yes! It is Thanksgiving day here in Canada and ofcourse there will always be Turkey and Ham on our tables. First things first, Thanksgiving is about saying thank you for all the things you have this year, and celebrating the good times. It is my 2nd year spending Thanksgiving here in canada, but it is my first time spending it with my Parents and my Brother cos last year i was in Edmonton with my Cousins. I would say both times are memorable to me.

Since my life started, i was just thankful for everything that happened to me whether it is Bad or Good, there is a reason behind it, i know. God would never let me have a better life without the struggle, and it wouldn’t make sense if its all just the good ones, so let’s be thankful for the bad side too. I have a good job that i have never foreseen myself few years before that i would work in a place like that, but still a blessing to me, a Family that always understands my loudness, my craziness, my grumpiness, mostly everything that i am and also to my Followers who patiently understands my Laziness in posting blogs (i know i have a really bad habit in posting it on time, but hey, i might change), and for your concerns everytime i feel bad with whatever is happening to me, 225 followers, it is just a number to you, a LITTLE NUMBER for some, but for me, it is already a HUGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE who are very understandable and supportive in every corny, non sense, funny, blogs i post and i am deeply honored to have you guys in my Blog life. I know i have goal this year, to have 300 followers, but hey, a goal is just a measurement of what you can achieve, and if you couldn’t, it doesn’t mean you are a failure, it just simply means that this is not the right time yet to have that, so lets just patiently wait for the perfect time and just be thankful and feel contented of what we are having instead.


Stay tune for my Shopping Haul on my next blog!

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P.S. I still Love you |Book Review


I totally forgot how it is to be single in every time i open this book and reads it. There is something about this book that gives me this different feeling, it’s like unknown, and i really don’t know what it is but it feels amazing. But in the other side, i don’t know what im expecting on this book but whatever it is i didn’t achieve it, im not saying im disappointed or something like that but whatever im looking for, i didn’t found it. Anyways, the characters in this 2nd book is growing up, they act and sounds differently. But the story revolved around the love triangle so i just wanna talk about the difference…

Peter Kavinsky

-He is such a cutie! He never fails to make Lara Jean feeling Pretty everytime they’re together, but i just don’t like it whenever she’s with genevieve. I don’t like the part where he is always with gen and it seems like he just forgets lara jean just in a click. Which is a big No-No sometimes for boys because Girls deserves attention from their boyfriends, thats why other girls feel insecure with themselves because it looks like they cant impress their boyfriends.

John McClaren

-He’s a Newbie. I bet he is Hot! In some scenes or parts of the stories, i noticed that he was there everytime Peter is not around which is a Big Yes because he gives so much attention and effort for Lara, but ofcourse, nobody can beat the effort that peter put into during the 1st book when he have to pretend to be lara jean’s boyfriend. But in the 2nd book, i think John deserves Lara Jean much better.


The Ending was quite fair!

KItchen Confessions | Cosmo Mag: BANNED?!!


3:20 in the afternoon, i just got out from shower and i got home an hour ago from the Hospital. Nothing bad happened to me or to anyone, i just have to bring my dad to the hospital because he was having dry cough and he’s having a hard time sleeping too, so that bothers me and my mom a lot! Anyways, i didn’t write this blog because of it, there’s something i wanna talk about that i found out not too long ago because i think it’s ridiculous.

So i was at work the other day and there was this 3 sheets of paper laying in the counter, it has pictures in it of COSMO Mag, and i vaguely remembers the title of it, i think it is something like “Cosmo is Out”, so it freaks me out! I couldn’t imagine social life without it. I read the whole article, and it says there that they’ll gonna ban the Magazine in some cities in the U.S. Because they think its PORNOGRAPHIC!! Well, since were talking about PORN here, why don’t you Ban Playboy? FHM? Im pretty sure they are more Sexier Magazine than COSMO, and hello???! I read my Horoscope there, you can’t just tell me to read it in a newspaper or something, i know Cosmo Horoscope works for me better! This is so non sense, i mean, wheres porn there?? The sex positions they talk about? Oh wow! Guess what?! Im pretty sure you enjoyed reading it too whoever tries to ban it is just a Kill Joy who doesn’t have sex life at all! And also they said that the Front Cover is always too revealing like you see Demi’s issue, and Nicki Minaj’s Issue, or Lauren Conrad’s issue which is the latest and i don’t see anything wrong with it! I don’t know what these people see but im pretty sure they’re just making an appeal that is non sense just to let the world know that Stupids just got Stupider.

In the article, it says there too that they interviewed some mothers about how would they react to it if the stores sell them and their kids, lets say 8-year-old kid sees that “too revealing” magazine, and all of them doesn’t mind, they actually think it is helpful for those kids, because kids nowadays are being conscious of their surroundings which is good. One of the moms actually said that is nice to have something like that because Grade 5 students are having Sex Education now, because whether you believe it or not, 15-year-old kids nowadays does sex, and they should know that Condoms Exist! Yes i said, CONDOMS AND SEX IN THIS BLOG!

(What is your reaction to this Topic? And why do you think its stupid?!)

The Gallows |Movie Review


Could i just have a little bit of silence, peace of mind and relaxation of yours while you’re reading this blog post?! Because this movie im gonna talk about deserves few minutes of your time.

I give thousand Claps for the people who is behind of this successful movie. I love the way it is being told, i love the storyboard and you know me, when i do my movie review i am 100% honest with it, it doesn’t matter whether i liked it or not. But this movie, oh my god it is to die for. I would suggest this for those people who likes Horror Movies, but please don’t watch it alone, unless you’re numb and you don’t feel scared of anything.

I love the Ending, the way the story twists from what most viewers expected. It’s incredible how this storymakers thinks of something like this, i can’t even think when im in pain. Hahaha.

Kitchen Confessions | Left Unsaid

As you guys noticed, i was out for past few days. I don’t know how to explain this since i was sick and still i am. I have never posted anything on my Blog Site because i felt like there is nothing going on in my brain, like i can’t think of something although i do list the topics and the plans but its just that i can’t talk about it.

Few of my followers emailed me last week, and i really Appreciate your Concern guys. The Truth is i have Leg injury on my Left side and my Hips hurt so bad plus im sick too so i am really upset of whats happening in my body. I am just feeling so strong and i’d never had this kind of injury before. It’s like a Blister but its much bigger than the regular blister that we get and there is something inside it that causes so much pain everytime i move my leg. So the whole time i was just reading books, watching movies and i feel like my Brain is not working at all. I still have the injury but its in the process of healing, Finally! I actually got back to my Job last Monday so its a good sign.

I went to the doctor last week with regards of this blister that im having and im glad that this kind of “Thing” is normal and there is nothing wrong with me. I hysterically thinking of it as a disease few days before i went to the doctor, coz it looks gross and there’s a yellowish thingy coming out and its been bleeding. But the doctor said that the heat from your body causes it. When the heat from your body can’t go throughout your skin, most possibly is they will retain in the first layer of your skin and form a Blister-like Bruise which forms inside and it is painful when you move it.

So im happy that i finally slowly recovering from it!