Gone Girl… Gone Wrong? |Movie Review


I actually don’t know why but this movie makes me feel scared. I don’t know what ‘s in this Movie but it gives me shivers everytime i see Rosemund Pike’s face like this. She looks like im her next victim or whatever like a normal movie delusional character.

Cheers to this movie! if you’re intention is to scare me, then Bravo! You Made it! I actually read the book of this but i didn’t finish it because i can feel that there is something wrong with it, what i meant with something wrong is that, it might affect me too much that i will end up not sleeping for the rest of my life (i just exaggerate things, it’s normal), you know guys how attached i am to every book that i read, so i just don’t want that to happen.

I like this movie because it is really thrilling, the twists of the stories makes you shiver. For the First Part it’ll make you feel Mad to Nick Dunne a.k.a Ben Affleck but as the story goes, and as every lies were told, you found yourself hating Amy a.k.a Rosemund Pike.

it makes me wonder if this case happens in real life. I mean stories like this Might be Existing but i wanna know about it, i wanna research about it and does something about it. This Movie is so interesting.



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To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before | Book Review


The Ending is so Depressing! Would you believe it ended in just 2 phrases! 2 Phrases! and it feels like it killed me!

I mean, this book has the best story line ever. it doesn’t just talk about Teenage Love Affairs, it’s also about being with the Family, spending life with the family, and i like it because the characters were asian. well ofcourse the author is, well i guess, Asian too.

Back to the Story. This book feels so real to me, like everytime i read it, i always think about what will happen next because im not be able to read it like the whole day, although i wanted to, but with work and blogging stuffs i don’t think i could.


all i can say is that, it’s the best Idea ever! like seriously??!! It looks a bit like a “Trap” for me though. you know when a person is not really so inlove with each other but then there is this time when all of a sudden they went so close together, and they didn’t even realize they were falling in each others hands. like, it’s amazing if you only narrow your mind about the story. Yes, i do wish that Peter Kavinsky does exist because he’s like “i whip my hair back and fort” he doesn’t care whatever people say. I think he is actually in love with lara jean at the end. Gawd! im so praying for this book to have a part 2!


Whatever between Margot and Lara Jean at first was really special, Sisters were like Bae’s or more than Bae’s but obviously, Distance between them came in, just all of a sudden they just felt strangers with each other. Margot lose her attention to her sister’s life, they don’t talk a lot that much, im just wondering where did the phone goes, anyways. I like how Kitty/Katherine was able to brought up in the story because you can’t say she’s a bratty child or she spoils a lot, she actually didn’t she’s like a bridge to everybody’s broken lines. She’s the reason why everything was sent out, at first, (you know what i mean if you read the book) she’s the reason why Peter Kavinsky was able to go to their Recital, she’s the reason why Peter actually likes Korean Yogurt ever since. she is just so precious.


I feel like he is Dumb. or Numb. i don’t know, he’s so out of the story why don’t he just remain simply as Margot’s ex.?? i mean, you don’t need that much of participation in Peter and Lara Jean’s love team. he doesn’t have to be the traitor one because he is obviously like part of the family already.

i don’t like the part when he confronted Lara Jean about her feeling for him before, he was so anxious to know the answer why lara jean never tell anything before when they were still young. Like, what kind of guy is he? he doesn’t have to be a coward 4 years ago, i mean, your the guy, your the one who should be telling your true feelings with the girl not the other way, that’s totally a major turn off!

Overall, i liked this book! it’s one of the best book i’ve ever read! i wish there is part 2 tho, coz i really wanna know what happened to Peter Kavinsky.

The Merry ClarisseMas kind of Day, the First Winter Edition


This year has been a very Great year of my life because of all the things that happened for the past few months.

You know how me and My Family moved from the Philippines to here in Canada. we had a lot of changes and also adjustments but we were able to cope with it so much, but ofcourse we can’t do it without this freaking funny and ever supportive people that surrounds us.

How did I celebrate my Christmas?

My Christmas is always exciting every year. I don’t think about a lot of presents but I actually think of the things that I surpassed after all. im just really thankful that I am still here in the world, Breathing and still surviving.

it was June 24th in the morning when I woke up at 7:00 had a few crunches and burpees and a 10 minute run and after that I head to the bathroom and start prepping up myself for work. Im done working at 4:00 pm so my life isn’t that stressful during that day.

At 7:30 pm me and my family with some few Filipinos gathered at our house to have a simple Christmas Dinner, just to have a small “Filipino catching up” Party. Friends coming in and out until 11:00 pm. we had finally our time to relax at 12:00 midnight where me and my mom started to wash the dishes and just get ready for bed. Yes, we didn’t have the traditional 12:00 midnight Christmas eve because we just decided to have it the next day, the actual day.

The Next Morning, it was Dec. 25th. at 9:45 am I woke up, my mom was already watching the news she already had her coffee. I was sitting at the sofa, having my Chai Tea which is im so Obsessed right now. My dad woke up right after he heard noise from our living room ‘coz my mom is changing the curtains.At 10:30, we are having our Brunch, just having theLeftovers from last nights food. and by 12:00 me and my Family is already preparing for Family Christmas gifts opening and Christmas Family Picture.


And Meet My Family!


and This is us Posing while opening the gifts! hahaha. my Dad doesn;t look Happy in that photo but believe me he actually is. I gave him Binoculars which I ordered from amazon, I got my mom a Bag from shop.ca and a Fancy Nights Jessica Simpson Perfume and a Winter boots for my brother.


Always Remember that Christmas isn’t always just about the material things you get but its about sharing and spreading the love. it is also one way of remembering Jesus Christ who have Suffered and Died for our Sins. I was never able to spend my Christmas with my Parents for 5 years but I didn;t lose hope, coz I know God will find a way for us to spend the Holidays Together.


Stay Tune for my next blog of what i  got for Christmas from my parents and friends.

The Classic No Eyeliner and Classic With Eyeliner Look for WInter Part 1


‘Tis the Season to be Jolly Indeed! with the make up look I am sharing with you right now, Im going to Share to you the make up Classic Look that I did. The Difference between the two is that on the left side I had Winged Eyeliner  there, it’s not that Thick coz usually I just wanted to look it more simple and more Classy like the ’70’s :D



Overview! This is the Make ups that  I used for my eyeliner look on the left side.


to start with the Foundation that I use. it is Revlon 24 Hours Colorstay on the shade medium Beige. it is my natural color so it look a little bit more neutral.

Suggetions, Neutral Colors is more Classy Look so I bet you don’t need any highlighting or anything fancy in this look, just whatever that fits your skin color.


Sephora Powder on Medium Beige shade. I Love Sephora right now! like it is one of my faves of the month. it’s one of the things that I’ve never regret panicked buying! and yes, I do panic buying :) to scare myself I guess


For the Blushy Cheeks I Used this Covergirl triple colored blush, it is so classy it just looks Puffy just like what it supposed to be, haha


Revlon Under Eye Concealer to cover the imperfections of my eye and also I sometimes used to on my eyelids :)


And for the Eyelids Color, here qe go the chocolate brown and neutral brown from covergirl. they don’t have any names or numbers in the packaging so I just showed them to you, I used all the colors here just so you know, and just blend them in.


and for the eyeliner, I got the Maybelline New York Master Studio. I usually use this now if I wanted Winged Eyeliner because the design of the Brush or the tip of the Brush is actually designed for it. its PERF!


and I just put black matte kajal from Revlon for my eyeliner to make my eyes look Bold and a little bit big. :)

That’s it for the Part 1 of my Classic Look. Check out for the Part 2 tomorrow for the Classic No Eyeliner Look.

Merry Christmas to all!

The New face of Just Enjoy and Have Fun


I Customized my Blog site! After 2 weeks of almost deserting-like my Blog I realized that doing this kind of things is actually what I wanted and I just can’t leave like that despite of my Work Schedules and Study Schedules because I have people/followers/friends who are actually waiting for my next blog. I might be annoying to some others, or I might sound non sense but actually I don’t care, it’s your opinion, it doesn’t matter to me, we have our own perspectives in life so whatever matters to you is totally fine with me.

Anyways, I am here again to let you know that I changed my Template, because you might think that you were lost or you clicked the wrong link but I actually changed it, but I have the same Site name, the same topics, like movie reviews and book reviews and food experimentations, meals for the fittest, and the most of all, the love of my life that I decided to share with you guys is Doing Make Up. I haven’t decided any Titles on that Blog Episode but actually I am thinking of that now which im very excited about. and im counting my days to Christmas because this is the very first winter Christmas i’ll ever have, follow myTwitter Account for more exciting conversations! i’d love to talk to you. and also I am thinking of doing the Cosmopolitan Question Challenge which I usually do here before but I kindly paused or temporarily stopped doing because I have to work on my schedules and the lazy days just keeps on coming so is just wanted to organize my time here.


here’s a little peek of our Christmas tree, im just so excited to open my gifts, don’t worry, i’ll show everything, and you’llct big from Teenhabitat! :)


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Face Makeup Care for Winter


I just don’t wanna be selfish so i just wanted to share to you guys the things that i usually put on my face, or the kind of make up that i use for healthy skin during Winter time.

We all know that winter time is like a Big-No for our skin Ladies. it makes mine so dry and very chappy especially my lips, so in this blog, im gonna show you how i try to take care of my skin, make it look hydrated and not so dry.


Just a little overview of what im going to tackle for today. i bought this things at the Drugstore so nothing special about how i got this, i just try to stick with whats near with me because it’s more convenient.


If you read my last Blog about SKin Care essentials, obviously, you’ll know that i use this a lot. but actually this is the 2nd bottle since the last blog, so it was really good and i like how the microbeads does to my skin i feel like it peels every dry skin and renews it. i just feel so comfortable with this Aveeno Skin Brightening daily scrub. :)


i am so excited to talk about this product because actually this is not like the ordinary or the normal CC creams we use. it is something special because aside from its Neutrogena, it is actually gives your skin more complexion, unlike with some other foundations that i use it makes my skin really look even but i feel dry and numb all day. i have the Light to Medium Color. right now, i am trying to use dermatologist recommended because i do believe that Winter time is like the hardest time to keep your skin look healthy and glowy.


This is the Ready Set Gorgeous by Covergirl. this actually dermatologist recommended too, if you only read the back part of the package. it is actually a concealer but the effects in your skin looks like a foundation. it is kind of rough at first but as soon as you had it for like 5 hours, you’ll actually never notice or feel it. it is very lightweight and it really is Gorgeous.


This is actually has nothing to do with my Skin Care for winter, but it’s in the Overview so i think i might as well talk about it too. It is a Sally Hansen Flfirty eyelash Curler. it makes your eyelash more fancier and look so open. Sally Hansen products is a must-haves because they do know how to take care ladies’ fashion preps, and  they have “how-to” if you read in the back of the package.

As you can see now guys, im really so into something that is scientifically approved or is more recommended than any other brands, and also it is important to read the back and the front of the packages because its like getting to know more of your investment, it is something that you apply in your face and you don’t wanna get wrong right?

Christmas is almost coming too, so get tuned with my next Blog about “Classy Look” and More Movies and Book Reviews to come. :D

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Before i go to Sleep | Story Revelation


Yey! and the Book Review Starts today! and the First thing that i just finished reading in two weeks time is “Before i go to Sleep” it was really a good book, which emphasizes the true spirit of marriage, trust and love.

I love how the author gave meaning and value to Psychology though. it just made the readers realize how passionate or how they should be aware about the memory or whatever is wrong and/or right about our brain. But the True Essence of this book is just to give thrill and knowledge to the readers, it is something that will blown up your mind, just keep you reading it. Actually, this is like one of the books which gives thrills, goosebumps every single night i read it.

i thought at first, there is something Psycho going on in the story which i liked because it relates whatever i learned from my Psychology major, but anwyays, the book was just about being honest and truthful to your partner. Giving up is not obviously a solution but a start to another problem, which made sense to me because giving up is almost like running away.

i just can’t get enough of this book, i just feel like reading it again, but it sucks how it feels like when you already know the ending. anyways, i’ve watched the trailer right after i finished reading this one, and i was pretty amazed of it, i just can’t wait for it to show in the town.

As usual, i would always recommend reading the book first before watching the trailer because it gives you idea what to expect and what Not to expect. this is crazy but im just so inlove with this book.

So far, More Book Reviews to do and since the book that i ordered from amazon were 5 days delayed or more i guess i should stick with the drugstore books, but i promise i’ll give you the best shot guys. ofcourse i wont let you down!


More fun and excitement on my “journey to Losing Weight” episodes. so check it out from time to time if you have the spare time guys. i give healthy bonuses in their and by that i mean healthy advices and suggestions and routines that i do everyday :)

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