Thoughts we Learned from Legally Blonde Movie


I was watching the original Legally Blonde last night and it was just amazing. I watched it a couple of times before that already, but for some weird reasons, I never get hooked up about it until last night. you know that feeling when you are talking to a boy and you never felt inlove until the 3rd time you went out for a walk, That’s exactly what it’s like! During the Movie, It came up to my senses that  we, especially me, should learn something from this movie, I know reese whitherspoon’s character is more than just a fictional character, I know they made it for a reason. so here I am now, writing a blog about thoughts on what I learned while watching Legally Blonde.


Kind Heartedness… Elle taught us that whatever your status in the society, none of those matter when you are in need because helping other people doesn’t depend on their level, it doesn’t depend on how much expensive they spend over shoes.

BE STRONG… it is never easy to say I GIVE UP, same thing when you are trying to keep up, although people that surrounds you was already letting you know that you will never succeed. here’s the thing about life, The Person who Lift you up, might have also the chance to put you down. Legally Blonde proved this Twice. on the Original Movie, the Law Teacher Helped her get into a Law Firm for Internship, but at the end, he’s just trying to hook up with her, but she never did. The second time was when she went to this Law Firm in Washington after got fired, the Lady who helped her there, whom she looks up to, was the one secretly stepping on her shoe to prevent her from rising when she dropped her support towards Bruisers Bill. but she was strong enough. enough to prove them all wrong.


Trust thy Self… you couldn’t be strong if you cant trust yourself. always believe in your instincts, they know better than you think. you can’t go on if you don’t know how to trust yourself. When Elle was defending a case of Brooke, that was her first case, she was thinking, she trusted herself, she never underestimated her belief that she’ll surpass all of it, then that’s the time she won the case. same thing in real life, you got nobody but yourself, believe in it.


Work Hard, extra Harder for your Dreams… they said it takes time before you succeed in life. FALSE. it takes Guts, Patience, Hard work and Extra Hardwork to get there. you don’t just sit there and wait for the time, you get your ass up and work for it. that’s how sometimes people think, we need to get rid of that mentality. you should work hard for something and the prize will be worth it, If you think it aint worth it, Let go.


Beauty and Brain… I really don’t need to explain this since it is something we obviously understand. what is Beauty without Brain? Elle is the true image of this saying. Her personality just hit it just right. she have this awesome balancing skills that she was able to be beautiful and intelligent at the same time, lets just admit, not all ladies can do this. I can sometimes forget I can think, my mind just stops working sometimes. and that’s how Miss Universe Pageants should be judge for, beauty and brain, not just who-have-the-best-body-in-the-world kind of competition. right?


Law… weren’t you suddenly just got interested in Politics and Law when you were watching this movie?? I did. I was reminiscing that time when I took units of political science during college days, for some reason it boosts me up to know about the legislation, (god! this movie is something) I felt delusional watching this movie, I feel like im one of the lawyers to, that everytime they talk o f a crime, im just listening and making sure I got the right scene in my head. CRAZYYY! to the aspiring soon to be lawyers out there, have you watched this movie Yet???!


Surprisingly, sometimes movies make you feel out of this world. I always wanted to feel that way, because that means that the movie is a good one, it hits you right in your face it means you get attached. I am not usually hooked into something, but when I do, I just can’t stop talking about it.


Kitchen Confessions | Upgrading the Blog


Happy 235 Followers to the Blog! its been clean 3 years since I’ve joined the blogging site and i have never regretted that i joined the industry. it is just a little number to some who already have thousands of followers but i don’t care i celebrate little things, just enough to say Thank You to the Bloggers who have followed me as well. Thank You for staying and being Loyal even though i haven’t posted anything for the last 4 months, there are just so much stuff happening into my life and that i lost my balance. but im back! and i have realized its worth, so i decided to do Blogging Full Time!!!

so just like the title of this blog, i have decided on the very deepest of me (I have been thinking about this for weeks now!) that i am doing blogging full time and that the upgrading will happen when i reach 250 Followers!! so i am asking a little help from you guys to spread the news to atleast 15 people to follow my blog! lol. im just kidding, but it would be nice if you do *wink*.


there are lots of plans and ideas happening right now, but i am not gonna tell you about it yet, for the mean time lets just say i am having a HUGE GIVEAWAY to my lucky Bookworm Followers out there! i still have to deal with the planning tho because as you guys know, i am moving out of the apartment and moving into a new house. so once i got all my stuffs settled in, expect for a lot of Blogs, i mean, everyday blogs, and it is safe for me to tell you to WAIT FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF GIVEAWAY…soon!



i didn’t realize i have so much stuff to pack. like this blog and i will post an article about my adventure of moving out!!! Have a Good Life Everybody!!!

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Camping Survival with the Filipinos

Filipinos are most definitely one of the happiest people existed in this world. we don’t sweat over small things. no matter how hard it is, we can still do things with a smile. lots of foreign people loves to go to the Philippines to explore, some Loves Filipino Foods, some Loves the Tradition, and some, just loves going back and forth in the country. there are Lots of Us around the World, seriously talking, wherever you go, there will always be Filipinos, even in the most remote town, you can find some. But have you ever been camping with a tribe of Filipinos?? Nope? i’ll take you.



if you love Filipino foods, I would recommend to you to go camping with the tribe. when we go camping for 3 days, we make sure that we bring food good for 7 days and if we go camping all together, we share each others food. like if you have dried meat, or uncooked chicken, or meat or pork, all you gotta do is say “hey, I have some uncooked but marinated meat at the back of my truck, I wonder what to do with it.?” believe me, 100%, Filipinos will always find a way to cook it even in the middle of the forest well that’s because we bring our own Pot and Pan, so you wont get hungry when you’re with us. and ofcourse! once to food are cooked, and everybody have put on the long table all the food they have cooked that we are going to share, we can’t miss a photo of it, so it’ll take another 30 minutes before everything gets done and then we can eat. it is fun, until you’re stomach is growling because it always has to have atleast 100 snaps of photos before you can start munching.


during our past time while on camping, we really don’t do anything but sleep and just talk outside or by the lake. but in our tribe, we play volleyball and basketball and many other more. we believe that camping is the right time to finally interact each other not through cellphone or any messengers, but personal interacting this time. so to spend a lot of time having fun, playing games just like the old days is a good idea.



who sleeps during camping?? NOBODY. maybe when you’re a little bit older, but to some others, if you have a cold beer and a guitar, that’s enough stuff to keep you awake throughout the entire time and it is also fun!! like seriously, who doesn’t like music at night with beer?? its just that this time, its Live and without auto tune. much better.


YEAP. if we decided to stay up all night, with music and cold beer, in the front of a hot campfire, do you expect us to be quiet?? ‘course not!!! who does that??! Filipinos never shut up, especially when everybody’s having a good time, and that’s a fact. we just love talking and laughing so much, even during midnight until sunrise. Other Filipino Campers that are already sleeping usually doesn’t mind, they understand, we came there to have fun, not to just sleep and eat and sleep and eat. being loud is not a sin, being aggressive is.



by the end of the day, by the end of everything, everybody may go, everything may disappear, but there will always be one thing that will stay, and that is memories. I’ve been loving to go camping with my Filipino Fambam (which consists of 100 probably.) because it just never fails to make me happy, all the time, there will always be something funny. some Filipinos in my town doesn’t really like going camping, but they still go there for a visit, which is still fun cos then they bring supper for us, so that’s extra foods. yum yum! Memories will stay forever as it is, nothing will change, people may, but not a single sheet of memory. that’s why I like sharing it to others, so that if one day, when im Old, and won’t be able to remember any of this, atleast I can have someone to tell me that “hey, you were once a pain in the butt butt when you were young…” a good laugh indeed!


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The Legend of Tarzan |Movie Review


I’d admit it, I was bored on the first part that I am totally willing to just rest my head on the person who’s beside me throughout the movie, But… it didn’t happen, because the movie decided to shift the story and got my eyes wide open. it is fantastic! it’s like Lion King and Tarzan at the same time.

it is not the usual tarzan movie we knew, it is the story of Jane and Tarzan’s life after marriage. the plot, the characters and the way the story was made was definitely a real score, I don’t know how they did it, its just that everybody who’s behind of this movie is great and intelligent. I I have seen remake movies but this one, DIFFERENT!

Russell Bookstore Haul!!!


it has been few days now since I went to Victoria,BC for Holidays and still I am still living the image of its Nostalgic scenery, but as I was strolling around its streets I bumped into this very cool 2-storey bookstore and i am just fascinated of what to get. like, have you ever been to a bookstore and you just have a lot of choices that you get confuse which ones to get.?? that’s what exactly I feel EVERY SINGLE TIME. but now i will unveil the books that i got from this cool bookstore.


so i only got few because it sucks when you are travelling  and still you don’t want to buy too much stuff.

*LOVELY BONES (ALICE SEBOLD) i have watched the movie (and i heard they are going to remake it. Not so Sure! but if this is true I’m excited!) and i loved it! the reason why i got it, is because i just wanted to know more about the story, and you know how sometimes they change or remove some scenes in the movies,  i hate that actually, but its fine!

*HOUSE OF SPIRITS AND WHISPERS (ANNIE WILDER) this one is True Story and yes, it is a Horror story about a Haunted House and a family bought it and not knowing about the dark side of it, pretty much like conjuring and i am definitely excited to talk about this in one of my book reviews soon!!

*I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER (LARRY DOYLE) I just finished reading this one and i don’t want to do book review about it right now not until i watched the movie and compare them both, because i believe that it has been so long since the last time i did Movie Vs. Book Review so, yeah, that’s one of my Plans being revealed for my Blog. haha.

*THE ELEMENT ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GHOSTS AND HAUNTINGS (THERESA CHEUNG) Encyclopedias are as awesome as novels but lets just admit it, sometimes it gets boring, so i really don’t read this as often as i do with my novels but we learn with encyclopedias especially if its the interesting one like the one i bought. yeap. hauntings are my thing lately.😉


I’m excited to do a book reviews sooner with this stuff. but aside from reviews, i can do so much more that i have already planned and all you guys just need to do is keep up and probably standby.

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Youtubers who Inspires…

Youtube is one of the Famous Social Media sites in this generation and it is not just to entertain but also to inspire other people. Believe it or not, this people that im about to talk about will seriously change your life for the better, they might not aware of it but I’ve been Subscribed to this people for so long enough that watching their videos became a habit and inspiration to me.


THE TRAVIS FAMILY (itsjudyslife)

I don’t know how I end up watching this cute Family but I just Loved them to bits! (Especially the Kids!!) Judy and Benji are childhood sweethearts, they are bestfriends turned into lovers and as time goes by they started to build their own Family which is now consists of Julianna, Miya and Kiera. I watch them everyday since they do Vlogging, I even watch their videos while im in the shower because their Children are so “nakaka Gigil” (tagalog word means too cute).  This Family Inspires me to look forward and have a great family of my own in the near future just like theirs. it is not easy to handle 3 toddlers and rule the house all together at the same time, but they can. I love how Benji shares  healthy lifestyle with his kids, he was able to let them understand that Health is Wealth and that eating the right food is a must (not to mention the twins’ cravings for sweets sometimes). and to Judy, I love how she speaks a little bit of  Tagalog words in front of her kids like “Palo” and  “ay nako”, and that’s where the twins will get their “Attitude” someday. Benji and Judy have the loveliest blessings in their lives and whether they are exhausted or stressed, at the end of the day, the Bears will always be to the rescue.


CLAUDIA SULEWSKI (Claudia Sulewski)

well, talk about Beauty and Fashion, there will never be greater than the ever, Claudia. I have been watching her ever since she was still living in Chicago then she moved to California and im still here, watching her videos like nothing changes. Claudia have a very good eye on fashion and art, she’s great with how she dresses, with the way she projects herself to people, and also she is a good interior designer, she just doesn’t know that but I saw it on how the way she decorates her room, she is on point. she inspires me by the way she let herself out onto other people, she shares everything that happens to her life, she is careless in a way that she doesn’t mind what other people say, I never heard her fuss about bashers and negative comments in her channel and that’s one thing I know that she is definitely a brave lady.



Funny, Annoying, Different, Psycho, Cute, those are not even half of the words that people say to her everytime she uploads a new Miranda Sings video. But my oh my, there are Millions of People who believes in her Talent. who’s talent?. Colleen Ballinger-Evans, the woman behind Miranda Sings. Most people know who she really is, but still there are some that just don’t understand what she truly does. if only people would expand their way of thinking and try to look on the other side, they would see how lovely this person is and also her husband who is funny. I have been following them for so long, I heard about their love story for thousands of time and still im not tired hearing about it, I was watching the video when he proposed, even before when they were just Dating, I was there the whole time watching their videos, their relationship is so  inspiring,  I will never get tired of these two. They are just a Product of True Love and Happiness.


YOUSEF ERAKAT (DoseofFousey)

3 Million Subscribers. a lot of people was accusing him of being fake but they don’t understand how bad it is to struggle with Depression. He is one of the reasons why I am back on my daily work out. He inspires his subscribers (bruh bruhs) through his words of wisdom at the end of his every vlogs. I love how he is honest about how he felt and how open he is to other people, just like when he talks about his religion, I respect him and his insights and goals in his life, and because of someone’s lack of understanding and stating negative stuffs about him doesn’t help him to move up and that sucks to see. I know this guy have good intentions, he never stops saying how the best we are as a Family and he never fails to tell us Positive words everyday, just learn how to appreciate and prove to him that we are always here, supporting him, throughout his whole career and if you can’t do it, it’s sad to say that you are not eligible to be in the “Best Family on Youtube”.


CHRISTINA GRIMMIE (Christina Grimmie)

it is hard to forget a voice that you are used of hearing of. a beautiful voice sings when you are happy, sad, or stressed. how can you not remember her as an inspiration? it is a shame indeed to lose her in the industry but God have reasons why. in this world, nothing is permanent, everything will be taken away for sure, especially Life. it is hard not to admire her music, I have been subscribing to her channel since her “in Christ alone” Cover, since then I am obsessed with her channel that I don’t mind waiting weeks before she uploads another video, I am so dedicated that I supported her until she joined “The Voice”. it is hard to make yourself believe that we couldn’t hear more music from you, Christina. you are the greatest and you’re a Legend.


this youtubers that I have mentioned above are the ones that I have been following for so long and I just wanted to share my thoughts about them, on how they inspire me and hopefully would inspire my readers as well. none of this stuffs are Sponsored. Thank You!

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Kitchen Confessions | The Positivity

I feel so Positive today that as soon as i went home all i could think about is looking forward and just write something about it. How was your day?

My Day started with a trip to the Public Health to take some Pills that i badly needed to and that they wont let me bring it at home because they have trust issues, (Ofcourse, im just Kidding) well for some reason i have to go there twice a week for 9 months just to take my Meds. and ofcourse im okay about it because rules are rules, and then i went to sleep for 2 hours, got up with no water, so i have to find a way to be able for me to take a shower. so i went to my mom’s work, since she got good bathroom there and ask her if i could take a shower there, so that’s another problem solved, and then when i went to work, i came in with a very  busy crowded people in front of me, so that lasted for 5 hours, then im done working, i came home, checked the faucets and it does have  water (FINALLY!) and went to my cousins barbecue party. i had so much Food that i feel like there is no place for water.

Geez. i need to change the title of this blog article into “water”, i just had so much adventure with water today. But anyways, i am home, and i am just looking forward for tomorrow, i know it is so going to be a good day because WE ARE GOING CAMPING!! i have been waiting for this time of the year.

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