Gay Pride at it’s Worst.

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“Gay pride or LGBT pride is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender people to promote their Self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. Pride, as opposed to shame and social stigma is the predominant outlook that bolsters most LGBT RIGHTS movements throughout the world.”

So LGBT! I just wanna congratulated this people, finally US legalized same-sex marriage, and literally i am glad that the LGBT community was able to get what they wanted.

But there is actually something that i wanted to clear out.

First of all, i FULL HEARTEDLY support LGBT, because no matter what happens they Deserve everything that they’ve worked hard for and also because Life is about being who you are, and if they’re like that, just accept guys, i mean, HELLOO? Life is too short.


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This Pictures seriously pisses me off! What the hell does this guys think they’re doing?? Asking and having your RIGHTS is good but Mocking Jesus Christ for finally getting what you want is NOT FUN!! We, Straight People, actually Supports you all the way to whatever you wanted in your life, but just DONT MOCK JESUS CHRIST. Yeah, i would admit, im not perfect, i dont go to church every Sunday, but when i do, i repent for my sins, i ask for forgiveness, i ask for enlightenment for you guys to be finally get the things u want to in your lives, but This People in the Pictures above doesn’t understand it. They got little brains i would say. It’s hard for me to say this or to open this up most especially in Internet, in Cyber World, but please people stop being such dickheads (im sorry for my languages).

World Peace and Equality and Rights and im looking for JUSTICE. That’s all what this world needs, and we couldn’t get it if we keep on tolerating and feeding negative agendas. It wont work.


Im not against anybody, or anything. I just wanted to explain my side. I still support LGBT Community despite the things that Other People does to the religion, RESPECT is mainly and much needed. Respect my Religion and i’ll Respect your Gender. It’s not supposed to be a Main Issue here, we’re supposed to be happy and Glad that finally this side of World is having their dreams slowly.

It just makes me sad knowing that this kind of people actually exist. We’re all sinners babe.

This is Just Opinion. Not a Basher, Gays out there, im still your supporter, just don’t do whatever this freakin people do, okaay?

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Whats on my iPhone this 2015!? |Re-make Article

It has been a year and so since the last time i posted the “Whats on my Phone” article, but since there’s lots of things happened this past few months in my life and there are some essential (not-so-essential) things that changed, im gonna do a Re-make of this article featuring iPhone 5s.

Before i tell you what’s in it, i wanna talk about the Phone first, my experiences and like a little review of it too. I bought this phone last March it has been one of the best Phones i’ve ever had actually and my last article that i used there was Samsung Grand. You might think why i didn’t buy iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, tho by that time this both latest models were already out, the answer is, i did not, because the latest models were quite too big for me and it’s not the kind of phone that you can bring anywhere without your bag or purse. Im the kind of person who’s always on the Go, like for example my friends will just call me to come over to their place, i would just grab my phone and wallet and keys and that’s it, im not a purse-kind-of-person, i would usually use my pocket, and obviously this Two Latest Models were not actually the kind of phone you can put in your Pocket on the go coz they’re just too big for me.

Moving On… My Phone have:

1 Song

25 Videos

383 Photos

13 Applications

8.1 version

16 gb Capacity

And my Phone name is Klaresaaa (thats for my Airdrop, and iPhone users know about this names, haha)


My Lock Screen is consists of the Time, the Date and ofcourse, the background picture, the ever handsome Nick Jonas. I’ve been a fan of Nick Jonas ever since their song SOS first came out, he caught my eye because he got this really unique hair, i think its cute! Haha


When you slide my phone to unlock, it usually consists of the Built-in Apps and some were the ones that i downloaded. The only Apps that i’ve never used in here is the Maps, Stocks, Game Center, Newstand, Passbook and Health. This apps were the once i’ve never opened EVER. Im not a gamer, i dont play games on my phone or on any gadgets that i have because it has never been my thing, i mean, id rather read a book than to play crap.

On the very bottom, we all know that we can always re-organize it with apps that we use everyday, or remove apps that we dont actually use. But with mine the three most important things there is obviously the “Phone” where your contacts are, “Messages and “Safari”. As you can see at the above list i only have 1 song in my phone thats because i dont put any kind of music in it, that does not mean im an “Emo” kind of person, but because i dont wanna use up my phone memory with that, i have my iPod with music anyways, so i think thats more essential.


On the 2nd slide, its usually consist of things that i’ve downloaded which are:

Instagram (follow me: clarissegallardo)

Facebook (add/follow me: Clarisse Gallardo)

Kik (add me: chippyclars95)

Skype (too personal)


Pic Collage


Cosmo (this is very essential when i wanna read an article about stuffs

that is trending in the cyber world. It’s a Cosmo Mag App)

RBC Mobile Banking (just to keep track on my Money and my

Spending issues, haha)

Snapchat (add me: chippyclars95)

WeHeartIt (just like Pinterest, but more fun)

Guitar Tabs (if i search for some chords)

And anyways, my Phone Cover is from Amazon, its a Mint Green rubber iPhone Case. It’s very cute and so summer-y kind of color.

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Let’s talk about Gay Pride Next!

Never Google Heartbreak |Book Review


It has been 2 weeks since ive started reading “Never Google Heartbreak”. I would admit that when the first time i read the summary of this book online i actually find it very intriguing.

It is the TYPICAL-KIND-OF-LOVE-STORY that you can see in Movies. Its not Funny, its not RomCom, although i would admit that i partly expected that it might be since im a lover of RomCom.

The best part of this book is that it gives us a lesson. Love is in the air, it’s in everything you do, and that Time shouldn’t be the measurement of you’re relationship, the Bond and the Trust should always be there.

Now i wonder if how many people in this world experience the same problem as Viv’s. Its actually a very interesting topic, it is something i would for sure talk about. Why would men always think that just because they have Money, they have Pretty Cars, and Huge houses, the Girls would die for their Love, Seriosuly?? Men are Complicated.

Getting back to the book, i would say “Bravo” for this Lady Author. It’s one of the best book i’ve read, although the ending was a little bit not what i expected but still it gives me excitement everytime i finish a chapter and just curious of what will happen the next chapter.

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watching movie ALONE! |RealiBlog


Obviously my day starts by waking up in the mornings, getting ready for work while the music is busting loudly in my room. I wake up with full of positive life energy, when i know that at the end of the day i’ll be surrounded with random negative charges, but Whatever.

Anyways, so yeah, i worked and after that me and my cousin went out to watch Poltergeist, it is a very “sci-fi” kind of movie, it’s not actually pretty scary, i would say much better than the insidious, but here’s the fun part, so we were so excited because finally were gonna watch it coz there’s a lot of people i heard talking about this that this is already a remake from a 1970’s film, so that makes me feel interested and curious at the same time. By the time we already bought our tickets and ofcourse my Popcorn (which im craving for years and ages now) we went directly inside the cinema, and we’re surprised that there’s nobody there, well, obviously its just gonna be me and my cousin the whole movie time, which is thank god the movie turned out not that scary at all. But it was a very exciting moment because it was just us. Hahaha..

After the movie, we went to the Pub, to have Wing Night. It’s like an every week “happening” in town, where you get 10 pcs of wings for half price. It was so good, thats the only day i get excited about. Anyways, so me and my cousin joined this other group of friends of ours, we were talking the whole night, drinking, it was a good night, it’s nice to have a good laugh from time to time, have a break from your stressful work and be back to that again as soon as you’re done with having fun. That night would have been fun if there’s something Wild happened tho (if you know what i mean) hahaha.

The Squad went Camping! |Realiblog


I’ve been waiting for this day for few months, preparing for a month, and finally here we are! Camping and having a blast before the weekend is done. I went with my cousin and some of our friends, and we are like a bunch of Filipino having Fun during the weekends in the lake, just because we got a tribe going on here.


I will not go through with each and everything we did because it’ll take me a few days just talking. But anyways, the picture above is our tent, its a 8-person tent, but unfortunately there’s only 5 us there stayed. Its very nice inside, but you gotta be prepared when you woke up the next morning coz for sure you gonna have body aches.


This is Us taking picture in the sunset because we can’t resist and also because we can’t let this weekend off without taking a selfie in the sunset. Damn, it’s a very awesome day, thank God the weather was not that rude, except it was just a little bit chilly in the afternoons and cold in the early morning. Haha.


So one of the Filipinos owns 2 quads, its a four wheel motorcycle and a 2-seater. It was really fun! We look like Power rangers here. And look at me, i look so squished! Hahaha,, the helmet was just too mcuh for my chubby cheeks! We got dirty and feel so dry then after we ride the quad, with all the dust and the bushes and the off-roads we went through, damn it’s worth it!

Oh! And we even went fishing, its so addictive! I could spend the whole day just fishing and keep on fishing! Too bad i didn’t take any pictures but still we had fun doing that. My cousin caught 2 fishes but we let go the other one coz its too small, its still a baby. Haha

Insidious Chapter 3 |MOVIE REVIEW

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There is something wrong with this movie for some reason, IDK. If i were to compare this movie to the last 2 parts of Insidious, it is totally different. I didn’t had Chills or Goosebumps when i watched it just like the other parts, maybe because the story didn’t kick in like that, it’s totally different. The thing is it’s looks like the same as the “Annabelle” movie, where they have to talk about the past, right before “the conjuring” happened. It’s not the usual “Insidious-Feeling” you get everytime you say to yourself that you watched it already. Sorry, i just can’t resist comparing it the other 2 parts because those ones were really good, i mean, it was one of the most scary movies i’ve ever watched, i actually felt sleepy when i came to watch it.

It’s not scary at all. You’ll just be surprised that you were there asking yourself if you’re actually in the right cinema.



So talking about being “ANNOYED” or “FED UP” is actually happening to me like in every single day basis. Im not actually comfortable talking about this, but i need to let it out, and it’s nice to share something!

The First thing that i felt so annoyed to is when i take a shower and instead of getting shampoo first, i get the conditioner. I get annoyed with that so much especially when im in a rush and i just feel the need of getting the right one but i ended up getting the wrong one. Coz im the type of person who like to do “Matchies” (idk if thats what you call it but whatever) when the shampoo is L’oreal brand conditioner should be like that too, if its Bed Head then the other one should be Bed Head too, you know.

The Second thing is when you go to a party and you drink beer and everytime you finishes the bottle you feel Peeing right after, and im like holy mac and cheese that was fast! I mean, im still enjoying talking here, and here i am sliding in a very embarrassing situation just because i feel like peeing, SRSLY?!

The 3rd thing is when you have to Pee in the Middle of the Night. I just can’t deal with it anymore, like everytime, although i pee before i go to bed just to make sure, but this time, it just wont let go, there must be something wrong with my vajayjay!

The 4th thing is when you have to deal with a VERY non sense question. Coz i work in a place where customer service is a must, but sometimes this people will just Swoop in in your working life and ask you stupid questions like “Oh! There’s a power shortage earlier, is it back now?” to think that she’s right in the store, standing, with the lights on, computers on and aircondition is finely working, and i was like “uhmm, i guess not, since im using my Computer, maybe my fingers brings energy this time” DUH!

The 5th and Last thing is when im Blogging or Writing something and there’s a music background. Thats why i dont stay in cafe’s when i have to write something or have to critically think of something. I dont know, it just Bugs me everytime, i’ll just end up singing with the music instead of finishing my write ups which is due like in 5 more minutes or so. But when you’re in public and you try to think of something to Blog, like you really wanna come up with something different, it’s pretty hard to concentrate, people nowadays with put in mini/portable speakers in their pockets and have it connected to their ipods and have a Boombastic music going on, as if its something we don’t know.

Yeah! That was it for the things i get annoyed at. You call me rude or mean, but really admit it to yourself you get annoyed with some of this things too. It’s just something you don’t wanna happen to you, but you got no choice but to deal with it.

Well anyways guys, check out the last blog that i did. It’s a new category in my Blog life called “RealiBlog” where i talk about the highlights of my day,what’s been going on and the learnings and stuff! So go check it out, i’ll put a link somewhere down here, and me guys talk to you later.


Party People and What. |RealiBlog


Ok. so I woke up with this kind of face this morning. its not the usual face I have when I wake up, this time its different because unfortunately I went to a party last night. for the first time, its the only party i went to so far that i had my make up smudged like really just out of nowhere i was just looking like drunk, but im not. haha.

Well anyways, i was invited in a Housewarming party. My friend that i work with, her sister is having “mortgage warming” that’s how they call it here. it was pretty fun, there’s too much drinks, and it happens that on the other side, i mean the house beside the party we went to is having their own fun night too! so we went there from time to time, if we felt out of place for a nano second we could just walk back to the other party and so on and so forth. we’re having a fire, and chairs in front of it and marshmallow roasting and sausages, popcorn, we got the music and we got laughs and talks. nobody got intoxicated it was like plain fun!

but as the time goes by, there you would realize that there are different types of people in a party like that:

*the Silent one– theres this guy in the party last night, he was hot, i should admit that, but it seems like he’s scared of talking, whether his mouth is full of shit or something, i don’t know. I’ve never seen him spoke for the rest of the night, unless he started talking to somebody while i was away somewhere. hahaha but i truly believe he’s got something, he just have to say it aloud!

*The Convo Ditcher– so we met british people there, some were 20, some were 27 and i don’t know if i counted them right but whatever and they’re only here for a little time, anyways, i was talking to them, lots of laugh and i can already sense that we are having some kind of good communication here, to think that i like british accent for fucksake, but when She saw her Boyfriend sat across her she’s like ditching me, although im still talking and im not even halfway done of whatever im saying, she stood up and told me she’ll just go to the bathroom and/or whatever so i left hanging. like SRSLY.

*The Never Ending Talk– uhm so heres the thing, one of the person i met was really talkative. i was just sitting in front of the fire, trying to roast a wiener, finally coz im hungry, but this girl came to me and started talking, well yeah its fine, i mean, that’s why you party to make friends but then few minutes later she started blabbing about random things i literally don’t understand about, like really girl? what yo problem?

*The Weirdo- so there’s this guy, he’s one of those people who does mushroom picking, and for real, he smells NOT so Good! and he wears this weird kimono that looks like an ancient Chinese wore it, and then he started singing weird songs like you’ve never heard of before. it would have been a great music only if he puts enough words onto it.

So that’s the scenario last night, and i woke up this morning feeling bad not because im in pain but because i can’t remember the names of some people i met last night. better bring paper and pen the next time i for this huh.

Pitches is Back, are they still on Track?|Pitch Perfect Movie Review


so I watched this movie the other night with my cousin (whom not to mention watched it 3 times in a row now) and it definitely the bomb! if I were to compare it from the first one, I would choose the original, simply because nothing beats the original playboard. there’s nothing much of music in the 2nd movie, I mean there’s nothing much “MUSIC COVER” to remember, you know what I mean.

what I like about the PP2 is that they focused a little bit more about the Friendship, the Group, their Music, how they would compete as a team. it is important that the viewers would pick up some lessons from the movie especially this is a musical movie and everybody in the entire universe commits into music nowadays. =

And yes, ofcourse I would definitely watch this again just because fat amy is awesome, everybody in the movie actually is, but I think fat amy is the highlight of the movie, I mean she uplifts the scenes. And I wont forget about the Black Girl who has a very great voice, you’re amazing, you’re actually beyond that, and the team who created this movie just a Big Wow!


Since You’ve been Gone|Book Review (The Comeback)


This was like one of the best Books I’ve ever read about Friendship. What I like about this book is that it focused not only to a Love Story but also about Friendship, the On-Limits Off-Limits of being in a Friendship and also in a Relationship. In every book we read, ofcourse we learn something, but in this one, I not only learned but I also enjoyed.

Okay so i’ll give you a hint, it is something like doing a Bucket List in general. it was fun, bucket list is fun to do, but imagine yourself doing it with you’re newly-met friends and not with your bestfriend. well although I would say it is predictable kind of book, but still it is something I would totally wanted to read again.


so uhm, IM BACK!! (insert lively music here) well, im sorry guys that I wasn’t able to Post something for, wait I counted the months and its for 5 months! Holy COw! My life has been really busy and I would say a bit hectic because just so you know guys im working and im back to school! oh yeaah! so imagine my life doing two important things that I can’t take it in myself, but I Promise you am gonna do the Old Things, more Blog, more Book and MOvie Reviews and im thinking of doing the Meals for the Fittest since I’ve been into something organic lately, oh yeah.

Stay Tune for something Special Blog tomorrow!