Cosmetics under $60 and What-About’s!


Make up is one of my weaknesses. Have you ever been in any make up store, and you feel like all your grocery list can be forgotten and you are willing to spend your money just for make up?? Thats one of the reason why i usually avoid make up stores now, haha. But this Blog Article is not about avoiding make ups, or weighing priorities, this Article is about giving yourself a break, spend a little money for yourself, its like a little treat (most girls says this, im one of them) and also the make up products that i used just cost me $60! Amazing right? So if you wanna know how, yes, keep going on reading this article!



In this pulpy, vintage shade, it just makes my lips look so natural and just nude. I’ve been looking for the right shade of my Lips, and now i have found it. Just nice!



I’ve been trying bunch and bunch of concealers from Revlon. I have the stick one, i have one that is for under-eye. But this one is exceptional! Mostly, liquid concealers makes my skin so dry, but with this one, there is no effect of dry skin. Its amazing how it works, since i told myself this is the last thing im gonna try revlon products, and if its still wont work, then im so done.



I’ve been looking for a good bronzer since i’ve never used any before. I know i should have tried NARS, or Kat von D or Sephora, but since they are much more expensive, i tried looking for some other brands and i found this! Its not powder, coz thats what mostly people ask about this product, but as soon as you apply it on your face, it just makes your skin smooth and its not a heavy bronzer, its just like a very comfortable-wearing kind of bronzer. I so recommend this one!

DSCN1396 DSCN1397


So this brush is just awesome if you use it for your bronzer. I don’t use the sponge ones because for some reason, it makes me feel so uncomfortable. Im not used in using sponge for my face coz it gives me that greasy feeling every single time. So as much as i could i just avoid sponges.



This product just came out few weeks ago. I saw bunch of youtube stars used this one and it just gives me the idea of “why not” so i bought it the next day. It actually works, this is one of the products i can’t leave my house without. The mascara is truly made for girls who dreams to have perfect eyelashes!


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Kitchen Confessions |Seperation Anxiety Breakdown!


i just feel so weak and so dry and its like whatever’s inside me feels heavy. Im supposed to post a different article today because that’s what the schedule says but i don’t feel like talking about it right now, suddenly there was this sudden rush of meltdown feeling inside me and i hate it!

Someone that is special to me is leaving tomorrow to go back to University because the Summers almost over (Already!). We were just talking in the car about how barely we see each other during the mid summer weeks because of work, especially me, im an introvert (which i hate too!) and i just regret the times when im supposed to be hanging out with her.

You know this feeling you get when somebody special to you leaves and what is left with you is the feeling of being alone when you are not actually alone, but you felt like you were left out and you just wanna burst out crying. Some of my friends and co-worker were leaving town too and it just kills me to death, like really! I know the next time we’ll gonna see each other is gonna be on december, and that will be like 4 months from now, and i know it’s not gonna be that long but still, that feeling of loneliness is still there!

So hopefully i got out of this anxiety for like in 24hours, because usually, when i feel like this, it takes me days to recover! Gawwd, this feeling makes me feel sick!!

10 years from now… |Kitchen Confessions


How do i see my life in 10 years???!!! TRAVEL, MONEY, APARTMENT AND MORE FUN!

Yes, i don’t see myself getting married 10 years from now or how many years from now because i just don’t want to. It’s not my Plan or i just don’t want to, but i dont wanna predict something that i know i might get disappointed if it wont happen. I don’t like bad vibes in my life, nobody wants to. For me, getting married is not a must, it is something that just happens whenever, wherever. It is something that surprises you when you are not ready, and doesn’t shows up when you are ready. In my case, i just wanna be neutral. Like you know, i don’t wanna expect too much, i dont wanna be pressured too.

10 years from now, im still a blogger, im still doing my actual job, but im gonna be succesful that i can afford to live in my own apartment, have my own car and to travel a lot. I can say that i am very independent right now, because i pay my bills, i saved money and i can totally buy my own food, so whatever just happens i can totally nail it. Do i ever have plans in studying again? Yes! I wanna do psychology again and i wanna do writing too! It’s gonna be amazing, because i was interested in writing so much! Sometimes people would say what is my dreamjob and i would answer them that i wanna write Crap things but still i get paid lots, because thats what i love to do and then she answered back, you mean Blogging? And i was like, blogging is not “Crap”, it is also a form of formal writing these days. Why would people always point out that blogging is “Non-sense” thats what i wanna do for the rest of my life and you dont care.

Anyways, yeah. Thats all im gonna say for todays confession. 10 years from now, what you might be doing guys??

Trainwreck |Movie Review


Another movie to look forward of those people who couldn’t stop thinking of having their own family, or thinking of their future with their loved one, their partner in crime. I find this movie exciting at first because it made me realize that life isn’t just about thinking about your own lust, or just thinking of your own happiness. We do have choices in everything, but its just us who makes it difficult to choose sometimes. This movie brings back a lot of memories to me i dont know why. It’s not because that i always wanted to live alone or id rather travel and be just myself, its because im afraid of committing something to other person, im afraid that they might not be worth it.

Anyways, Amy Schumer handled the character very well, obviously, thats because she is a very talented entertainer in this generation i would say. She is just so funny in many ways, the way she makes the people laugh is just amazing. As far as i can remember, the last time i laughed like this was when i watched “blended” played by adam sandler. Seriously guys, you wont regret watching this movie. To me, it’s really worth it, you wont regret you spent your $5 here. I swear!

The Inn by William Patterson |Book Review

the inn

Well now, what can i say about this book? You know there’s just so much words in my mind, i know there’s lots of them, but i just couldn’t make a right sentence or paragraph of it. It’s just too much information in my head right now!!

But anyways, Moving on…. This book is so great, like beyond great that i couldn’t even think of any word that matches what i think of it right now. The way the story twists and the way it plays your mind, it made me think that being a writer is not that easy so is reading them. I would say this is one of the best books i’ve read so far, i mean the creepy ones. William Patterson told the story very detailed, it is worth the spending, i would really recommend this book to those people who loves reading about the creepy ones.

Identity Thief |Movie Review


Have you ever felt Laughing and Sad the whole time, and for the first time the lead character just pisses you off??! That what i really felt in this movie. It’s just great that it gives you crazy mixed emotions when its not even a drama movie.

I like the story of the movie, it is unique. The writer is just so smart to think of a storyboard like this. I salute the people who did such a great movie. It’s not just funny but also teaches us a lot of things, like meeting new friends in a very unexpected way. This reminds me of the saying “make your enemies closer to you” because you’ll never know exactly when do you need them.

It teaches us that true friends are hard to find, this movie made us realize that. I totally recommend this movie to everybody! It’s funny, you can learn plenty of things, and you may cry, well a little bit.

A Bloggers Tag Game!


So i was sitting in my office tonight a.k.a in my Bed, and i realized that its been so long since the last time i did a Tag Game and you know how i really like answering questions, it just thrills me and it just makes me happy to let you know the stuffs i dont like and i like, for me its like a step on getting to know each other. So to start with..


1.) Thing you cannot leave the house without?

-Pants! Ahaha! Just kidding. But seriously i can’t live the house without my Phone, because its everything for me. It is where my to-do list is, where my Notes are, my Memos, like every single stuff is there.

2.)Favorite Brand of Makeup?

-Sephora. No doubt, no second thinking, i go with Sephora. It never disappoints me, like never ever since i bought the value set, the face powder and the CC cream, it is one of the things i have never regret buying tho i have to pay like $40 for a powder, i dont mind, because seriously its worth it.

3.)Favorite Flowers?

-i am the kind of person that likes to have a view of plants in the patio but i hate taking care of them, i mean im not good at it. But i think, White Roses is Gorgeous it just hurts so much that i think its more hotter than Victoria Angels (not really, im just Kiddin) but yeah!

4.)Fave Clothing Store?

-Urban Outfitters! Its the best store ever, like they have the kind of tank tops that i like, it fits my style, their sweater is worth the price, and their accesories is just awesomeballs that i think i can live in their store for a month without complaining about clothes!

5.)Fave Perfume?

-rose de chloe and reveal by calvin klein. Damn! Those perfume are one of the finest i would say! The smell stays literally like the whole day.

6.) heels or flats?

-flats. Because wearing heels makes me feel like walking in hell. Haha

7.)Fave colors?

-Pink! Pink just never fails to amaze me. There are some shade of pink that i dont like, but i most like the lighter ones rather than the dark ones.

8.)Do you drink energy drinks?

-nope! I used to before, but gatorade just upsets my stomach now. Gives me chill and stuff like that. I dont know why, so i just switched to organic drinks, tea and water!

9.)Do you drink juice?

-cranberry juice. Yeap!

10.)Do you like Swimming?

-yes! But sometimes its the pool that i don’t like. Coz you know how some pool looks dirty in your eyes, especially when they’re the crowded ones, and im like “not today”.

11.)Do you eat fries with fork?

-if its poutine, Yes. But if its just a regular fries, Hell No!

12.)Whats your fave Moisturizer?

-so far, Nivea. They’re just so awesome, nivea is the best!

13.)Do you want to get married later on in life?

-im still not thinking about it yet, im not pretty sure, because getting married and having a family means being financially stable,and i don’t know if years later from now, i would be like that, i mean, if i can afford to have my own family. It’s not just a simple thing you know, it’s not a joke, it’s not just a game, unless your a Kardashian.

14.)Do you get mad easily?

-Nope. Im the kind of person who thinks first. How can you think right if you are already mad? Getting mad or being mad is not always the best solution to handle things, you know.

15.)Are you into Ghost Hunting?

-yes! Can somebody invite me to go to one of your Ghost Hunting?? We can videotape it and post it somwhere! It’ll be awesome and fun!

16.)Any Phobias?

-Nope, phobias are fears and fears are lame. So i dont.

17.) Do you bite your nails?

-Nope. Never in my life i didn’t that, well, as far as i can remember. But i couldn’t remember biting my nails as i grow up.

18.)Have you ever had a near death experience?

-i couldn’t remember anything. I don’t think so. I have nine lives, im a cat, so nope!

19.) do you drink coffee??

-i used to. When i was in college, i used to drink lots of those, but when i started working, i started having Tea, because it’s just plain addicting and it’s as good as coffee too.

20.) Fave Followers?

So to the Fave Followers that i mentioned, obviously, it means that i tag you on this game. HAHAHAHA! Just for fun guys, don’t kill it, and don’t break the Chain! Haha. Enjoy answering the questions.!

Unfriended|Movie Review


Cyberbullying. This is one thing that the movie talks about. This is not just about a random stuffs that happen in the Cyberworld today, but it is something that we should be talking about.But this is a Movie Review, so lets just put things away about cyberbullying for now, and lets talk about the movie.

I got a little bit Bored in the movie. It is something that i am not impressed of because it is a “Computer-based” kind of movie, but i really love the story. I think it’s unique, it taught you a lot, and i love the way the story tell about having a “Bad friendship” when all along you thought you have the best of friendship here. It just feels so bad that the movie has to end into something not so scary, it didn’t made me feel yank out of my chair because seriously i got bored.

If you are looking for a movie that can make you do your nails while watching it, Watch This, its perfectly fit to what you were looking for. :)

Introversion is an Option?

“Mistaking introversion for shyness is a common error. Introverts prefer solitary to social activities, but do not necessarily fear social encounters like shy people do”- Wikipedia

So far, i have refused 2 parties to attend to last 2 weekends ago and i am 95.9% sure that i am, Absolutely, no joke INTROVERT!

Some People think that being an Introvert is being Anti-Social, Shy, Weirdos, and Bookworms. I would agree with “bookworms” but for the love of God, we are not Weirdos. We just decided to have a little break from the dramatic and drastic society were living in! It is not Avoiding, its just about forming a little space AWAY from what you don’t like.

Being an Introvert is pretty hard because half of you got this feeling of being energetic and hyper and all you wanna do is go out and socialize but there’s this bigger percent of your mind that tells you to stay away from achieving to being a Socialite because that will never happen and that spending your days watching Netflix and drinking tea is way more better than stealing an hour with your “party friends”.

I don’t know how other Introverts cope up in this kind of situation but what i do is just trying to avoid self-disappointments, i mean, if i go out but i dont feel like going out, isn’t that a very tough decision? What the creeps would you do? Should i stay or not? And most likely introverts like me will choose just to stay at home, because originally thats how it supposed to be. Handling that kind of Feeling isn’t fun, it will never be fun, not at all. You feel kind of Jealousy inside you because you’re friends and there’s you practicing your “forever alone” Life.

But hey! Being Introvert is more fun too! You may have spend it alone or with somebody who truly understands you, it doesn’t matter as long as you know that you love what you were doing and as long you love yourself for being who you are, because you really couldn’t openly love somebody if you coudn’t love yourself first. I just wanted to remind you that Introversion is not a Bad idea, its not a bad thing, there is nothing wrong with it, its just that some people like me knows how to prioritize some things, i find introvert people succeed more, they are the motivated one because we are knowing our inner-selves peacefully and by that we were able to think more, we do strategize and thats how we build our self confidence.

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300 for Goal and VideoPress Launch!


It has been 2 years now since i started my Blog, i started from movie reviews, book reviews, which is what i liked and what i wanted to do. I enjoyed doing it because i love watching movies and i also like reading book and talking about them to people, it is natural for me because it is something what i really planned to do when i first started my blog.

I intended to name it “teenhabitat” because i want my blog site to be a place where people especially the “teens” go to when they’re having their past-time, or when they wanna know about something, like whats the trend. Originally, the point of my Blog is also to post some youtube videos where i fond of watching, usually they are the funny ones or the one that is “unbelievable” or the ones that is about beauty and essentials.

I reached my 500 likes just recently and im in awe when i received a Notif about it. Im really excited its just made me feel so inspired to do and write a bunch of things. Especially on the Kitchen Confessions that i just recently updated, i am pretty excited and happy to share to you some confessions and it just makes my heart skip a beat everytime!

Now, im on my 213th Follower, and my Goal is to reach 300 and im going to launch VideoPress on my Blog site. Im gonna share to you guys some videos that i personally took and edited. The idea of it actually thrills me and makes me feel nervous too, because you may never know when can i have 300 followers, i mean, i know thats a lot of work to do, but the AWESOMENESS should never end. I just wanna give my followers the satisfaction they were looking for. I know that i haven’t proved anything that much yet to some of you so please help me achieve my 300 Goal!! Thank you so much!

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