Magic Mike (full Fvck?) |Movie Review


The Hottest Movie of the Year is finally Here! I’ve been waiting for this movie for like a year i would say. That was last year when i found out that they’ll gonna do a remake and since then i’ve been looking forward of watching it with my friends.

The Movie??! Its all about “Fuck”! Like seriously! The first and Last Line i’ve heard was “Fuck” and i would say its not terrible kind of word, im actually enjoying it haha!

If i was to compare this movie to the first one, i woukd say the story of the first one is much better, but this 2nd one is Fun and really hot! It is undeniably one of the must-see guys! Like you really should watch this! 

Dear WordPress Family |Realiblog Announces

As a Blogger and to be in this industry as WordPresser is a huge thing for me because whatever i couldn’t say or whatever i can’t actually express in real world, i was able to say it here. I admire my Followers for being ever supportive and being patient it is so nice of you all to do that. Ive been receiving emails everyday and i appreciate it, you know i do and always will respond and i feel so special because of that. No matter what happens you guys are seriously the best! 

So i gathered you here today (not really!), because i received a very special notification in my life. 500 likes for this year guys! WordPress awarded me for having 500 likes this year, to think were not even half through! I owe you this one guys! I have never expected this in my entire internet life. Like the first time i entered wordpress, i know in myself that this is nothing, i just needed a place where nobody Jugdges me, and this is it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Kitchen Confessions Leading the Page!

I am thankful for the success also of “Kitchen Confessions” where i tell you guys all my reactions and insights about life, well kind of. Hahaha. Thank you guys for supporting that blog, i was trying so hard to think of something that will not dissappoint you for some reason, and then i came up with this title which is im greatful about because usually kitchen is where i sit and discuss some things with my family or with my friends, it is where the shared moments were being filled so i decided to do it with you guys! 


Stay tune for Magic Mike Movie Review!!

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Kitchen Confessions |Single is Better

Ok. Lets go straight. I am single and i love being surrounded by people who are inlove/in a relationship, i find it fun because atleast they have somebody to run to when they needed a shoulder to cry on. 

But what is this thing im seeing on the internet world about over reacting relationship goalssss!!!! Seriously guys its not fun or its not sweet, it is annoyinggg!! Im not jealous or anything im just irritated because they base their relationship to somebody’s relationship when this two things got nothing to do with each other anyways! Is that how relationship works nowadays??? If thats how it is then id rather stay single until i die! 

Being in a relationship is about making your own stories. This is not about who has the best relationship in the world or who is the sweetest couple everr, because literally everybody has its own way of being together. Being in a relationship means doing good and bad together, there is no point in staying in the relationship if you two are not even enjoying quality time. How did you two fall in love with each other at first anyways??

And the real thing is don’t forget how you both started as a couple because it will always be in your story. No matter how in denial you are in the end, it will always be there. Admit your right and/or wrong because that is how it supposed to be!

Niggas stay classy and pumped up! 😍

Stay in love! ❤️❤️
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Zac and mia book review (Copied Novel??!)


I have never encountered such a copied story as “The Fault in our Stars” novel. I know it is a bad introduction for a Book Review, but i just wanna go straight with whatever i have in mind.

First of all, i have noticed that the story was a little bit, or atleast the idea was gotten from John Greens’ “The Fault in our Stars” but the difference is that nobody died in the Ending (Spoiler Alert!). They both have Cancer, and surprisingly, well, accidentally, i would say, Zac (lead character) have osteosarcoma. Sounds familiar i know because that was in John Greens’ novel too.

It is actually a good novel, only if it has an originality. I am not a good writer, i dont write novels myself, but i do read a lot and this novel just doesn’t satisfy me. I, myself, expected a lot from this novel, coz from what i have read in the very back of the book, it sounds interesting. It’s just i thought there will be more than what i was thinking that will come up, you know.

It’s just that i have my hopes up for this books, expecting that there will be some chills will happen as i jump to every chapter.

Lesson Learned: not because it has a very nice Book Cover, doesn’t mean it has a very good story, just like people.

Apple Pancake w/ Yogurt Dressing |Meals for the Fittest


Waking up in a Sunday Morning is the Best feeling for me. Why? Because it just simply indicates that i can go back to bed again after breakfast because its a No-Work-Day. I always like planning ahead of time of what to eat, just to make sure Im making the right decisions, but this morning when i woke up, i just realized how badly i gained weight for missing a lot of workout and eating wrong things, especially in the morning. Breakfast should be filled with all the nutrients your body needed because that is when your day starts. So i came up with the decision of making Pancakes with a twist!


So first of all, i chopped the Apples into tiny bits, i’d like to call it tidbits, just because.


When you’re done chopping your apples, you can now proceed in doing your pancakes, no special procedure, just the usual way on how you do your Pancake mix.


When you’re all done mixing the Pancake mix of your choice, put the apples on the same bowl and mix them altogether.


And there you go! You just have to fry it in the pan, and you are good to go! Just a little tip, if it looks a little bit Burned, don’t exaggerate, its not actually burnt, its the apples that make it looks like it.


To make it more delicious, and more fun to eat, instead of putting pancake syrup, i put some Yogurt so it’ll be more healthier. You can be more artistic than this, you can put some granola on the top, some berries if you’d like to.

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Toasted Chicken Sandwich |MEALS FOR THE FITTEST


It has been few months since i last did Meals for the Fittest, i’ve been busy actually, with having 2 jobs its hard to do time management especially when there’s a lot of things to do. But Dont Worry! I’ve managed my time this time, i have schedules and i totally was excited that FINALLY! MEALS FOR THE FITTEST IS BACK!

So to start the Tutorial, i wanna tell you something that is connected to this days Blog. So there has been a lot of things going on, i have changed my Lifestyle, i’ve been health conscious lately and i’ve been really picky of what im eating too and as i go on with this new agenda of my life, i learned that there should be no things to be Wasted. So i’ll be eating as much Greens and fruits as i could and i have learned how to cook my own food too, before i use to just rely to my Dad (he’s the best cook by the way) and i’ll be sharing everything to you.


Anyways, Moving on… Today we’ll be doing “Toasted Chicken Sandwich”. It is super easy to do and fast and the chicken that i used is just Leftover from the other day, so we will make use of that boring roasted chicken sitting in the microwave.


So what i did first is i sliced them. It doesn’t matter how you like to slice your chicken, but i decided mine to be in cubes and just chunks of it.


When your done slicing them all up, you just have to heat the pan and use your favorite cooking oil. I used a mixture of olive oil and vegetable oil.

When the pan is good to go, you can pour all your sliced chicken.DSCN1130

When the pan is good to go, you can pour all your sliced chicken.


You can use anything that you like for flavoring. With mine, i used Mama Sita’s oyster sauce and put Garlic and Salt too for tasting. I used to like putting Spicy garlic powder in it before, but i ran out of it, it’s actually good if you wanna try it. Ofcourse, mix them all up and you are good to go.


I put mayo in it first, and then the chicken that we just cooked, and top it with lettuce. For more fun, you can top it with sliced tomatoes, olives, and/or spinach, just anything green or healthy stuff that you can think of.

DSCN1141 DSCN1140

It is fun to cook you’re own food because you know the process if you’re into something healthy and also because you can be crazy just putting whatever you like.

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Gay Pride at it’s Worst.

large (3)

“Gay pride or LGBT pride is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender people to promote their Self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. Pride, as opposed to shame and social stigma is the predominant outlook that bolsters most LGBT RIGHTS movements throughout the world.”

So LGBT! I just wanna congratulated this people, finally US legalized same-sex marriage, and literally i am glad that the LGBT community was able to get what they wanted.

But there is actually something that i wanted to clear out.

First of all, i FULL HEARTEDLY support LGBT, because no matter what happens they Deserve everything that they’ve worked hard for and also because Life is about being who you are, and if they’re like that, just accept guys, i mean, HELLOO? Life is too short.


untitled (2)







This Pictures seriously pisses me off! What the hell does this guys think they’re doing?? Asking and having your RIGHTS is good but Mocking Jesus Christ for finally getting what you want is NOT FUN!! We, Straight People, actually Supports you all the way to whatever you wanted in your life, but just DONT MOCK JESUS CHRIST. Yeah, i would admit, im not perfect, i dont go to church every Sunday, but when i do, i repent for my sins, i ask for forgiveness, i ask for enlightenment for you guys to be finally get the things u want to in your lives, but This People in the Pictures above doesn’t understand it. They got little brains i would say. It’s hard for me to say this or to open this up most especially in Internet, in Cyber World, but please people stop being such dickheads (im sorry for my languages).

World Peace and Equality and Rights and im looking for JUSTICE. That’s all what this world needs, and we couldn’t get it if we keep on tolerating and feeding negative agendas. It wont work.


Im not against anybody, or anything. I just wanted to explain my side. I still support LGBT Community despite the things that Other People does to the religion, RESPECT is mainly and much needed. Respect my Religion and i’ll Respect your Gender. It’s not supposed to be a Main Issue here, we’re supposed to be happy and Glad that finally this side of World is having their dreams slowly.

It just makes me sad knowing that this kind of people actually exist. We’re all sinners babe.

This is Just Opinion. Not a Basher, Gays out there, im still your supporter, just don’t do whatever this freakin people do, okaay?

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Meals for the Fittest is Back!! Stay tune for more Blog Articles.

Whats on my iPhone this 2015!? |Re-make Article

It has been a year and so since the last time i posted the “Whats on my Phone” article, but since there’s lots of things happened this past few months in my life and there are some essential (not-so-essential) things that changed, im gonna do a Re-make of this article featuring iPhone 5s.

Before i tell you what’s in it, i wanna talk about the Phone first, my experiences and like a little review of it too. I bought this phone last March it has been one of the best Phones i’ve ever had actually and my last article that i used there was Samsung Grand. You might think why i didn’t buy iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, tho by that time this both latest models were already out, the answer is, i did not, because the latest models were quite too big for me and it’s not the kind of phone that you can bring anywhere without your bag or purse. Im the kind of person who’s always on the Go, like for example my friends will just call me to come over to their place, i would just grab my phone and wallet and keys and that’s it, im not a purse-kind-of-person, i would usually use my pocket, and obviously this Two Latest Models were not actually the kind of phone you can put in your Pocket on the go coz they’re just too big for me.

Moving On… My Phone have:

1 Song

25 Videos

383 Photos

13 Applications

8.1 version

16 gb Capacity

And my Phone name is Klaresaaa (thats for my Airdrop, and iPhone users know about this names, haha)


My Lock Screen is consists of the Time, the Date and ofcourse, the background picture, the ever handsome Nick Jonas. I’ve been a fan of Nick Jonas ever since their song SOS first came out, he caught my eye because he got this really unique hair, i think its cute! Haha


When you slide my phone to unlock, it usually consists of the Built-in Apps and some were the ones that i downloaded. The only Apps that i’ve never used in here is the Maps, Stocks, Game Center, Newstand, Passbook and Health. This apps were the once i’ve never opened EVER. Im not a gamer, i dont play games on my phone or on any gadgets that i have because it has never been my thing, i mean, id rather read a book than to play crap.

On the very bottom, we all know that we can always re-organize it with apps that we use everyday, or remove apps that we dont actually use. But with mine the three most important things there is obviously the “Phone” where your contacts are, “Messages and “Safari”. As you can see at the above list i only have 1 song in my phone thats because i dont put any kind of music in it, that does not mean im an “Emo” kind of person, but because i dont wanna use up my phone memory with that, i have my iPod with music anyways, so i think thats more essential.


On the 2nd slide, its usually consist of things that i’ve downloaded which are:

Instagram (follow me: clarissegallardo)

Facebook (add/follow me: Clarisse Gallardo)

Kik (add me: chippyclars95)

Skype (too personal)


Pic Collage


Cosmo (this is very essential when i wanna read an article about stuffs

that is trending in the cyber world. It’s a Cosmo Mag App)

RBC Mobile Banking (just to keep track on my Money and my

Spending issues, haha)

Snapchat (add me: chippyclars95)

WeHeartIt (just like Pinterest, but more fun)

Guitar Tabs (if i search for some chords)

And anyways, my Phone Cover is from Amazon, its a Mint Green rubber iPhone Case. It’s very cute and so summer-y kind of color.

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Let’s talk about Gay Pride Next!

Never Google Heartbreak |Book Review


It has been 2 weeks since ive started reading “Never Google Heartbreak”. I would admit that when the first time i read the summary of this book online i actually find it very intriguing.

It is the TYPICAL-KIND-OF-LOVE-STORY that you can see in Movies. Its not Funny, its not RomCom, although i would admit that i partly expected that it might be since im a lover of RomCom.

The best part of this book is that it gives us a lesson. Love is in the air, it’s in everything you do, and that Time shouldn’t be the measurement of you’re relationship, the Bond and the Trust should always be there.

Now i wonder if how many people in this world experience the same problem as Viv’s. Its actually a very interesting topic, it is something i would for sure talk about. Why would men always think that just because they have Money, they have Pretty Cars, and Huge houses, the Girls would die for their Love, Seriosuly?? Men are Complicated.

Getting back to the book, i would say “Bravo” for this Lady Author. It’s one of the best book i’ve read, although the ending was a little bit not what i expected but still it gives me excitement everytime i finish a chapter and just curious of what will happen the next chapter.

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watching movie ALONE! |RealiBlog


Obviously my day starts by waking up in the mornings, getting ready for work while the music is busting loudly in my room. I wake up with full of positive life energy, when i know that at the end of the day i’ll be surrounded with random negative charges, but Whatever.

Anyways, so yeah, i worked and after that me and my cousin went out to watch Poltergeist, it is a very “sci-fi” kind of movie, it’s not actually pretty scary, i would say much better than the insidious, but here’s the fun part, so we were so excited because finally were gonna watch it coz there’s a lot of people i heard talking about this that this is already a remake from a 1970’s film, so that makes me feel interested and curious at the same time. By the time we already bought our tickets and ofcourse my Popcorn (which im craving for years and ages now) we went directly inside the cinema, and we’re surprised that there’s nobody there, well, obviously its just gonna be me and my cousin the whole movie time, which is thank god the movie turned out not that scary at all. But it was a very exciting moment because it was just us. Hahaha..

After the movie, we went to the Pub, to have Wing Night. It’s like an every week “happening” in town, where you get 10 pcs of wings for half price. It was so good, thats the only day i get excited about. Anyways, so me and my cousin joined this other group of friends of ours, we were talking the whole night, drinking, it was a good night, it’s nice to have a good laugh from time to time, have a break from your stressful work and be back to that again as soon as you’re done with having fun. That night would have been fun if there’s something Wild happened tho (if you know what i mean) hahaha.